Is Dark Dreams of Furiae worth picking up?

So is Dark Dreams of Furiae any good? Is worth spending money on?
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I bought it early on and it had some problems, but it was OK. Get it on sale. It may have had some things improved since then, but the design was problematic. Story was fine, prose was good if I recall correctly.

Thanks for the feedback.

Depends on what you expect from it. As a smaller community module I would have liked it and I’d have offered my help in polishing it. As a commercial product it’s a bit too rough around the edges, and it’s definitely not for everyone.

I wrote a longer review for it here last year. I’d say if you’re open and interested in NWN design and Planescape, plus ready to lower your expectations and you get in on sale, it can be entertaining enough. Just don’t expect anything like Darkness Over Daggerford. It’s short, linear (despite some illusion of choice) and somewhat unpolished in coding and writing, but it’s not all bad.