Is disarming too OP?

Hi, as the title says, i’m asking that because i implemented the status effect Panicked and the spell Command as in PnP which can make disarming an opponent easier at difference of the feat Disarm and from my testing, the AI doesn’t seems to be able to pick back what it droped but still can figth and react.

One of the options of the command spell is that the target drops whatever is holding in both hands on a failed will save. And then there is the greater command spell which works the same but it affect 1 creature per level within a 30ft radius.

And the other is the Panicked status effect which is basically the Frigthened effect + the target drops whatever is holding in both hands. The spell Fear for example in PnP does this if the target fails the will save and the effect is 30ft cone.

- from the Wiki



yes, I’d say it’s op.

But if you’re writing a custom disarm script it could be okay. A weapon simply dropping to the ground, in an accessible location, isn’t that bad …

(in fact by customizing my item-unequip script, the PC usually picks it up automatically, with success on a Reflex save adjusted by Dexterity)

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It’s only as OP as the setting or the creature scripts allow it to be…

If you fill a module with dangerous casters or beasts that use natural weapons, the feat is useless.
If the module is filled with non disarmable creatures, again, it’s useless.
If you modify the creature’s AI scripts, telling them to re-equip the disarmed weapon after a couple of rounds, then it’s usefulness is greately reduced.
In PvP it’s clearly deadly against a Weapon Master, but against a Shapeshifter Druid and their animal companion it won’t do you any good.

The problem is that the feature is kinda bugged and it doesn’t exactly replicate what’s in the description either, so it leads to scenarios where you might think that it’s OP, but it’s actually not working as intended.

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