Is EE the way to go for modders after patch 1.75?

Content Creation Changes

*** Object Visual Transformations: You can now scale, translate, rotate the following game objects: Creatures (including players), Items (including held/wielded), Placeables (dynamic only), Doors. You can also adjust the animation speed independently from object scale. This transformation is visual only and has no effect on walkmesh or personal space. (See Scripting Commands below.)**
*** Toolset: You can now move objects along the Z axis by holding down the Alt key and moving the mouse.**

I have always been dearly missing these so I am tempted to switch despite not being eager to transport my 10% finished mod over to EE. What are your thoughts?

If you’re worried about the effort of the switch, if you’re not using nwnx/nwncx, the effort is between 1 minute and 1 hour. If using NWNX, it’s a bit more involved, and if NWNCX, there’s a lot of stuff you can’t do in EE yet.

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There are “modders” and “modders”, I suppose you mean module builders. Module builders are creating single player modules or are working on persistent world.

Term modders is not used much around here, although I think few peoples, myself including fit under this term. We are making overrides or hakpacks that are changing ruleset. Though it is easy to put us under another category.

And then there are custom content creators, those who make any kind of custom content to be used by module builders.

Thats a small introduction…

As for NWN:EE, most module builders would be probably satisfied with 1.75 - the new features are awesome. Same as well most module builders are not using anything extra which would be incompatible with NWN:EE and thus will be able to open module and work on it without any issues.

For custom content creators there is probably no drawback, nwn:ee is very rich for new features especially for working with models and textures.

Unfortunately, module builders working on persistent worlds usually use lot of extra functionalities. Same goes for modders and thus the transition to nwn:ee is either not even an option due to the lack of technologies or peoples who would do that work.

Personally, while I was, and still am, supporting nwn:ee with all I can, it doesn’t offer even 10% of what my nwnx plugin for 1.69 allows to do. And I enjoy making ruleset packages using nwnx plugins and nwnx plugins myself. Unfortunately, the situation about nwnx is really bad for me - no symbols, no windows support (I am not interested in docker sorry) and mainly - no support for NWNCX (which is what I am modding for mainly these days - see PRC Lite).

Anyway, it seems nwn:ee brought a lot of new players into NWN, this is easy to see at steam. So if you can you should transition to NWN:EE as you get more downloads, more comments, more feedback…


For SP modules, if the goal is simply to maximise downloads, I’d stay on 1.69 for now, but publish on Steam so that EE players there can see it and play too (backward compatibility is very good).

As time goes on, new EE features such as scaling make it very tempting to develop in EE, and I may well do that eventually, but that means 1.69 players can no longer use the new version (without a tweak that I’m reluctant to make for ethical reasons).