Is it possible to create a seperate ranged weapon?

I came across this very cool laser gun and rifle here on the vault:

Test the included module.

BUT…the guns overwrite existing ranged weapons. Is it possible to make these separate weapons and not overwritten weapons?

If you want the engine to take care of everything (knowing what kind of ammunition to use, warning when the count is below 20 for example), no, the bow, crossbow and sling are the only ones.
It can be done differently though, with a lot of scripts, and ideally with a new set of animations.

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Bummer…way beyond my capabilities. Is there anyone out there that can do this?

You might take a look at Black Powder Guns.

This demonstrates how to implement a compromise - the base item type is still crossbow, but no existing crossbow weapons are overwritten. Crossbows continue to work as normal, but guns have their own ammo, damage, sound fx etc. Now that we have EE, you can even script the tlk entries for base item type and weapon feats to read Crossbow / Gun.

In my modules I have an NPC who tells the player that the skills required for guns are much the same as crossbow - not true historically, but drops the hint that crossbow feats are the ones required for guns in game.

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Thanks, but wouldn’t that entail that a separate model be made for the laser guns if it doesn’t just put a new skin on the existing ranged weapon? If you look at the link to the weapons above (test it in the demo module)…I think one would need to create a separate mdl. Check it out and let me know if that is the case. If so…that is still beyond my skills. Could you make these two weapons and ammo Proleric where they can be downloaded on the vault?

If the models in that pack are overwriting, you could just rename them to the next available model number, ensuring that all internal references are changed, too. A few minutes with a text editor.

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But wouldn’t that include scripts too? As it would reference the scripts that the NWN engine assigns to those ranged weapons that reference those mdls by their reference?

Not a problem. Look at the Black Powder Guns for example.

lol…not a problem you say…lol…

You do it…lol…

But in all seriousness…I think it would be very difficult if you don’t have those skills. I have some…but not on that level.

If you take a look at the 2das…the guy who created the laser guns has the lines for the crossbow and other ranged weapons all redone for those lines. I don’t want to lose my crossbows :frowning:

Anyone able to make those weapons as separate weapons that do not override the current crossbows?