Is it possible to create GFF files with moneo?

I’ve used moneo successfully to edit existing GFF files within a module, but I can’t find the syntax for creating a new one.

Is this possible?

On reflection, it’s probably just as easy to make an empty file in the toolset, then populate it with moneo.

Where there are a lot of new files, the empty file can be exported, duplicated and renamed in DOS batch.

Still, it would be nice to know whether there’s a moneo syntax…

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I don’t use moneo. But… it’s a whole different bit of coding to create gff files from scratch. It’s one thing to read the somewhat self describing file and modify the field named foo or print all the ones that have value bar in a field of whatever. There are a bunch of different types of gff files which have different required fields. It would need some sort of description of each type of gff file to know what fields to put in it which it doesn’t need to work with existing files. So I’d be surprised if it did.

Fwiw, I use niv’s older set of tools to convert gff to and from yaml. When I need to make something(s) from scratch I take a template version of that type of gff (converted to yaml) and use that to fill in the specifics. e.g. create a uti template and use it to make 100 potion items with different characteristics by script. Which is similar to what you came up with as a process anyway.

Interesting, it seems I was doing the same thing few days back, but I was instead trying to rename file rather than create new. Didn’t found the command, I don’t think either of this exists in moneo. Ended up renaming the files manually. I know it is possible to do via explorer/command line in windows but before I would find it and get it right I realized it would be faster to do it manually, it was just one letter in name of 62 files anyway.