Is it possible to get a .hak from a module?


I’ve got a friends old server from before EE that I’ve been thinking of bringing back into the fold, but it requires a .hak which the old download links don’t exist for anymore. Is it possible for me to either extract the .hak from the module so that I can host it somewhere else for download, or remove the areas that depend on the hak?


If they’re common HAKs you can probably download them from the vault. Does it tell you what HAKs are missing? I don’t know if there is a human readable entry that tells you what HAKs a mod uses without opening it up.

But once you get it open, if you go to View, Module Properties, Custom Content there will be a list of HAKs.

The content is stored in the haks though (I think), so you can’t extract the HAK from the module.

If the server still works, there should be .hak files on it, which you can upload to the Vault (first checking that they don’t already exist here).

If you can open the module with the toolset, the haks are listed under Edit > Module Properties > Custom Content.

If that’s not possible owing to missing haks, open the module with nwnexplorer. Under Module Data, the file module.ifo has a table called Mod_HakList.

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