Is it worth it?

Is it worth it?
For me: Yes, definitely.’

Many reasons, will list some.

  1. speed and stability of the toolset has improved greatly for me since changing to EE. Some features of the old toolset didn´t work for me anymore, ex. F9 for quick testing, thisnow works perfectly again in NWN:EE.
  2. new functionality like scaling accesible by scripts, lots of good things to say about that for builders.
  3. graphic overhaul by Beamdog, some already available. Not a big one for me, but nice.
  4. a new period of support/bugfixes/updates for a very old gem of a game. This point alone is enough for me to invest.
  5. Steam. I use steam a lot and is very happy about. super easy installation, brings in a new generation of gamers also. My kids can use steam and find NWN much more accesible now. Again this point alone would have been enough for me. Including steam workshop. Glad to see CEP there, hopefully Project Q and Modern D20 will make it some day. I hear Beamdog har an autodownloader in the works, that would be great too.
  6. Can go on, but will stop :slight_smile:



I switched over when I was trying to play the Bastard of Kosigan mod, and ran into a point where NWN 1.69 would crash to desktop on load more than 80% of the times I tried to load my saved games, (the other 1 out of 5 times, it worked, and I could continue play, but this was very frustrating.

EE opened and continued my saved game without missing a beat.

@rashkae it would be very much appreciated if you’d post that comment on the module page, as there was one part where save/load was a mare under 1.69.

I requested a refund to the Steam and I can tell you something, I did not enjoy it. The minute I buy it I did think: what things I could do with NWN:EE?

  • Play the original chapters (singleplayer or multiplayer).
  • Play Persistent Worlds (multiplayer only).
  • Play custom modules (singleplayer or multiplayer).
  • Build a custom module.

None of that questions made me happy with nwn:EE. I don’t know why I did buy it. I did test it. I didn’t like it. Then I requested a refund.

There is something stuck in my tongue: why there is no new premium modules in store? I would love to play a new adventure (professional and please multiplayer and please not persistent world). I was not able to play NWN:EE because I didn’t like the modules there is available. I was not able to have fun with it. I could not appreciate nwn:EE graphics/functions because it does not matter for me.

Success for you if you are playing NWN:EE or even 1.69 a lot. Hey! I was able to upload my module Amnesia into the Steam workshop: Play my module Amnesia Chapter 1. It’s available on Steam Workshop:


What’s with that module advertising?

It’s a verily new module and he is trying to get people to try it.

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A module for a game he has refunded, err…
And it’s kinda offtopic anyway.

Not quite as bad as you think. That module has been on here for a while and WT was just celebrating the fact that they’ve found out how to upload it to steam and proving that they’d done it by posting that link. Mind you I think it odd that it is still there if they no longer own EE. I also think it was a bit short-sighted to get a refund now when we know that there are a number of things that will be coming to it.


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The old forums had one nice function, missed here: you could add signature with link to your projects. You cannot do this this same way here, so WT tries different approach. Personally, I’m OK with this type of advertising, but I can see that it can annoy some people.

BTW - in general, I prefer the new forum to the old one - especially adding links and pictures work better for me.


I could ask for somebody to upload the module for me but I did it myself while I was in the testing period.

Thank you guys for understanding

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I pre-ordered the deluxe version of NWN:EE, and I’m still happy that I did. That said, I haven’t actually installed the game yet, because I’m still using the original edition I’ve owned since about 2003. I’m waiting for them to finish work on the patch that will make NWN:EE 64-bit.

I don’t agree with their decision to publish NWN:EE as early as they did. In my opinion they should’ve at least waited for 64-bit support, but I also understand that just like BG:EE and the other games they’ve updated, publishing an enhanced edition of a game that’s over a decade old is not a blockbuster event, so they can’t afford to dedicate 50 people to this project.

I’m still happy about the purchase, however, because they’ve followed through and continued to make improvements, so I trust that they’ll keep going, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to go out of business any time soon.

In other words, I’m fine with waiting. If you don’t want to just support them, and you don’t see enough value in getting the game now, just wait. It’ll be more worth it to buy later, and they’ll put it on sale again eventually I’m sure.

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I’m not too thrilled about the EE, but as a long time fan of NWN I’m currently considering to buy it and I have some questions:

  • Am I right in assuming that modules made with the EE are only playable if you own the EE? Do such modules already exist?

  • Does the community mainly use the EE now or is it split between users of EE and users of the old Diamond Edition (DE)?

  • I’m planning to buy the GOG version - how does Steam Workshop affect the community? Does it make some content exclusive to Steam users?

  • Does the EE offer any noteworthy enhancements for single player? I just ran the DE and noticed that it still seems to work fine on my 64-bit OS, that it supports my screen resolution (1680*1024) out of the box and that the graphics don’t really look worse than what I see in screenshots of the EE. Does the EE offer more options on GUI elements like window size in higher resolutions or different font sizes? Or what else?

  • How is the EE’s compatibility with older community content in your experience? Do older modules run flawlessly with it or do they cause issues? What about override mods? CEP, NWNCQ, ProjectQ, Tony K’s AI etc?

  • Does the EE happen to feature any new music tracks or just the old ones?

That’s all I can think of at the moment, I might have more questions later. I’d appreciate any helpful replies, thanks!

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Hi Olivier, long time no see. I started with the base game and then upgraded to the Digital Deluxe version over on BeamDog itself.

Yes & yes. Not that many as yet though.

Split but don’t ask for numbers or ratios as I’ve no idea.

If you plan on getting the gog version get EE now if you already own Diamond on there. Owners of Diamond edition get 50% off the base game and 60% off the DD. In other words Diamond owners can get the DD now for less than I paid for the base game from BeamDog back in last November.

Not yet but it is in the pipeline. Opening and closing movies work again. For me they stopped working from win 7 onwards. 64 bit is coming due to BD needing to make a 64 bit version for ios because NwN is being ported to mobile devices. Same goes for support for True Type fonts.

The vast majority of old stuff seems to work flawlessly. Major exception is the PRC but there are people over on the BD forums trying to fix this.

That depends. If you get the Digital Deluxe version from GOG then you get the reworked Darkness Over Daggerford by Ossian Studios. And that has a ton of new stuff including music.

If you look over at the roadmap Trello board you can see what is coming down the road.


As it is well hidden here is a link to the Digital deluxe version on GOG.


Hey, TR, good to hear from you! And thanks for the replies! :slight_smile:

Yes, the current offer for the digital deluxe edition on GOG is the reason why I’m asking. I’m reluctant to spend much on the EE, but I figured now would probably be the best time to justify it, seeing that the current price is almost the same as individually purchasing the three premium modules not included in the DE plus the reworked Darkness Over Daggerford and I would get the EE and all soundtracks on top of that.

Ongoing support and new features in the work would be another good reason, I guess.

Regarding movies, do they fill the screen or are they displayed in a small window in the middle of the screen with large black borders around them?

I doubt that current price will last that long.

In response to your steam question. BD are using steam workshop as a test bed for stuff that will eventually be rolled into the game itself. With permission that stuff is available on here too. Aribeth and swords. Both will only work with EE though as they use new graphics maps.


Re. movies, as far as I remember they have their original size.


Re. that Aribeth. TheBarbarian got BD’s model and went to work on it here.

And I did an experiment when the normal and specular maps were first introduced here.

Just double checked. I own Diamond on GOG so the DD (if I didn’t already own it) would currently cost me £15.29 with the 60% off.


I don’t exactly understand what all that is or means, but if the default game had been completely overhauled with models and textures like that I wouldn’t have hesitated to buy it. Not that I totally hate the old vanilla graphics, I’m just a bit tired of seeing them after years of playing NWN excessively. :smiley: