Is it worth it?


It works fine for me, and I also have both editions installed. Are you by chance sharing working directories (Documents/Neverwinter Nights) between both products? The two might not play nice if they’re sharing the same .ini files.


No, the Diamond Edition should not use anything from the Documents folder, that was only introduced with the EE.


Hm, I manually set “UseLargeFont=1” in nwn.ini in the Documents folder, but apparantly running the game resets it. The font was still small and afterwards the line in nwn.ini read “UseLargeFont=0” again.


Have you tried with nothing in your override and no userpatch files?



Yes, same result.


In that case I am beginning to think it is one of 2 things. Either there was a problem with your download or it is a bug specific to the GOG version. The quickest way of maybe finding out is to ask if anyone else has this problem on the GOG NwN forums and BD’s forums as well. Otherwise you could re-download and reinstall your copy from GOG.

The BD version has the BD (obviously) game launcher. It has an option to check for broken files and re-download as necessary. Not having the GOG version I don’t know if you have that option.



Doesn’t look like it. I’m going to ask around on the GOG forums then, thanks.


Absolutely worth it and I’d pay $15 a month to support further development.

There is no replacement or substitute for Neverwinter Nights.
Beamdog has introduced numerous bugfixes, optimizations, new features and scripting functions.
My biggest best part of the EE is the support for new base races and base classes. This opens up custom content development in a whole new way.


As has been said above, I think it very much depends on how you use NWN and what you expect from the future.

Right now, as someone who mostly plays single player modules, I don’t see much of a difference between the Diamond Edition and EE, apart from the intro videos playing in the middle of the screen again instead of the top left corner as the Diamond Edition does on my Win 8.1 (but still no fullscreen view for them). Other than that, I didn’t see any noticeable changes, and I could have just stuck to the Diamond Edition. So far, all the changes are under the hood and rather irrelevant for players like me.

The reason I bought the EE Digital Deluxe version anyway is because I wanted to legally own and play the three premium modules and reward their official DRM-free re-release, and because I was curious about the new version of Darkness Over Daggerford and thought that the authors deserved some recompensation for letting me play the module for free before. (Although it would have been even more awesome if they’d have re-released these modules for the Diamond Edition instead of shutting previous owners out unless they buy the EE, and if the release of the EE wouldn’t have meant the removal of the DD from stores.) I also hope that the EE will improve over time and that there will be new features that will make the EE worth it retroactively, even for players like me - but no guarantees, so in that regard it’s kind of a gamble to buy the EE now. I’m also not very confident that the EE will bring such an influx of new builders as to revive the creation of single player modules, which from my impression are as good as dead nowadays.

On the other hand, for someone who’s into multiplayer, it sounds like the EE is a must.


If someone creates a module that uses new or different base classes or races you would need the EE to play that module. Only in the EE are module resources loaded ahead of character creation. This is a big deal. It obviously wouldn’t affect older modules but it could definitely impact single player players in a big way.


Yes, but that is a highly theoretical argument, when hardly any single player modules of note are released anymore, and like I said, I don’t really believe that this will change much, but it remains to be seen. As long as such modules don’t exist yet, they can’t be used to determine whether the EE is worth it.


Nope. We had both the ability to select custom base class and custom race and ability to preload haks before EE. Also note that haks preloading was only a problem in multiplayer, haks were always preloaded in singleplayer.

You could get these features with NWNCX + NWNCX_Patch (part of community patch 1.72 but it is also possible to download standalone).

Also, you are wrong in that you would need EE to play it. Yes you will need EE because every module created under EE will require EE to be able to open it. If someone would make certain edits and made that module be openable in 1.69 you would be able to play it as normal, you would just not be able to select new base classes and races without NWNCX + NWNCX_Patch plugin or without editing character with Leto editor or without using pregenerated character with that class/race possibly included for that module.


Well this is tricky too.

Yes there are many PWs that migrated onto EE, but they were either sponsored or dying/stagnant so that risk was acceptable for them. Also there is not many players playing anything besides Arelith and Ravenloft. For populated PWs under 1.69 the biggest problem with updating onto EE is that every single player of yours must buy EE to be able to play on your PW again. That is risky, as some of the players might not be willing to do that and there is no guarantee you will get new players. And the chance of getting new players is probably the only allurement for a server admin/developer to switch to EE. Almost all the features EE offers were already doable with nwnx, and speaking of nwnx, servers highly dependant on it might lose more functionalities than gain as nwnx had to be done from scratch and differently. It also means that if your server was using nwnx you will have ton of work to make everything work again under EE.

NWN:EE essentially split the player base of multiplayer servers.

tl’dr: the statement is incorrect, EE and DE offers different servers in multiplayer. If you played on some multiplayer server before then the purchase of EE depends on whether the server migrated to EE or not. If you are new into multiplayer then the only advantage EE has for you is that servers are easier to find out, at least those for EE. But current EE multiplayer “roster” might not offer you what you are looking for.


That is some next level BS right there. The UI prior to EE doesn’t even allow for new races to be added to character creation. Using 3rd party programs and hack tools isn’t the same as 1.69 or Diamond supporting those features or functions either.


The way it works under 1.69 with NWNCX is that you pick random race and then write the name of the custom race into subrace, after confirming the racial type screen, the race is changed into the custom race with that name (if the race is allowed for players), next screens are then adjusted to this race (stats and model). So you can play Wemik or Brownie with this easily.

It is obviously not a native functionality, but NWNX & NWNCX are far from hack tools and 3rd party programs and are respected by the NWN community. EE doesn’t bring enough to be worth it and NWNX is still a must even under EE (for multiplayer admins). Sadly EE cut the possibility of making NWNCX.


Anyway, with the release on GOG I say it is worth it. GOG grants a 50 or 60% discount for owners of DE, well at least for owners of DE on GOG… And unlike Beamdog or Steam it also gives DE with it.

I am not 100% sure if discount still applies or it was limited-time offer, but if it does, then you get EE for reasonable price.

In fact Beamdog said they will grant the 50% discount to DE owners or rather, we, the advisory board, wanted them to do that. But it didn’t happen in the end probably because they were unable to verify the legit copies or whatever…


Limited time offer. They’re already at full price.