Is teleportation a thing in NWN:EE (default game)

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I’m wondering if teleportation is possible with a standard NWN:EE configuration? Are there teleportation spells or items that permits the player to teleport himself or herself?

I’m asking this while writing the scenario of a new module, and anticipating the possibilities of the player’s resources to get out of a problem/conflict. It is possible in NWN:EE to teleport over obstacles, into other parts of the area, or other rooms? Or is teleport not a thing in NWN:EE?

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I’ll begin by saying I’m not any kind of competent scripter. However, . . . if you mean trying to get teleporting going by using the toolset the following might be useful. I’m not sure about what spells could be used ingame.

Yes, teleporting while building a module in the toolset is a thing, either for the PC or the whole party. You can choose where to teleport ( to other places in same/other area/ in/out of rooms etc. ) by using Waypoints and your biggest friend here is the Script Generator program which will create the script for you.

Hello Jimdad55,

Thank you for the reply, but sorry that I was not very clear. I do not want to script teleportation. I am just planning conflict situations in a new module, and am wondering if I have to take in account that players can teleport themselves. Are there spells or items that players could use to teleport themselves out of a certain situation?

This is just to anticipate all possible outcomes of a conflict.

Ok, no problem. :grinning:

Players can’t escape their current location unless you let them. In the OC, dying and Stone of Recall transport the PC elsewhere, but that won’t happen in your module unless you script it.

It can be done in Debug mode, of course, but it’s generally understood that players cheat at their own risk, so module authors needn’t worry about that.

Since players can’t teleport, lots of modules feature things like doors that close behind them, requiring ingenuity to escape.

If you decide to implement Stone of Recall or other travel shortcuts, you can set a flag on the PC that disables the teleport when the player is currently trapped.

The default game has no instances of teleportation for players on a whim. There are a few scripted intra-area and inter-area transitions used as teleportation, but they’re totally planned and controlled by the authors of the OC and expansions. Any other kind of teleportation has to be provided via custom content. You can try and account for a player teleporting a short distance or to an entirely different area, but if they’re using overriding, custom content, there’s nothing you can do to prevent it.

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Super! Thanks for the answer, Jedijax. That was what I hoped it would be.

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