Is there a better way to filter topics here?

I like the default view here, which lists the most recent posts across all forums, because it saves the effort of dipping into categories one-by-one, but…

… is there an easier way to identify or filter out games we’re not following (NWN1, perhaps, or NWN2)?

I see that the hoist of the coloured square next to the category name is blue for NWN1 and red for NWN2, but that’s easy to misread. Short of opening every post, the way to be sure is to hover the cursor over the category name underneath each post title so that it reveals the url.

Any way to filter? Or change the category description to the full path?

Top right corner you have your avatar. Inside that menu is a settings link (little gear icon). There, there is a Categories subtab under Notifications. You can mute categories there.

You need to mute all the subcategories specifically - if you mute NWN2, you’ll still get NWN2 - Scripting and all the other sub-forums.
Muting removes them from the most common lists (such as latest posts), but you can still view if you go into that forum.


Nice! Thanks, hadn’t found that yet.