Is there a newer version of Papermonk's scripting guide?

I have Papermonk’s “NWN Scripting Guide v1.0 11/24/2005”. Is there a newer version or has someone updated it to NWN v1.69? I thought I saw a version 1.1 on the Internet somewhere but can’t find it now.

If you really wish to script advanced function with NWN scripting, just go to the roots :
You only need the basics, all the advanced functions haven’ t been enabled into NWN scripting, even if it’s made with it.

I don’t think C++ is a good guide for nwnscript. It does use basically C-like syntax, but beyond that it won’t be that helpful. And probably lead to more confusion.

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OK, wasn’t too familiar with papermonk’s work so I just downloaded it (v1.0). My conclusion is that it is good but that if you collect together certain things, you’ll have more information to hand. Obviously the first must be the lexicon either the online version (what’s the current address?) or the downloadable version which I am guessing you already have. You will also find the newbie scripting faq of use. The other 3 things I am going to recommend were all written by me (for which I make no apology) and may be more basic than you’re after or maybe not. They are the three TR’s Basics volumes that I have so far released. They cover Boolean Algebra, Conditional Commands and Operators.

I did have a look around the web but can find no mention of version 1.1 of papermonk’s work anywhere BTW. Have you tried the wayback machine? They do store some files along with the web pages. Admittedly a long shot though.



Some other useful links in addition to what was already mentioned:


The Lexicon is still at its original address of It has been converted into a wiki format and should have the most up-to-date information; though it would be much better with your tutorials on it. I could make an account for you if you’d like to add them. :wink:

I second this. Beyond the basic syntax (which is really closer to C than C++), there’s very little to be learned from diving into C++.

The thing that most helped me was to look at some good scripted systems, take them apart, rewrite them, and see how they worked. Then I had an idea of what was possible for me to do and how to go about scripting what I wanted.


Although that is flattering I’ll decline at the moment because the series isn’t finished yet and I’ve enough of an ego to want to count the number of downloads :mag: for now. Probably when I’ve finished. But thanks all the same.


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Thanks for all the replies. I came across what looked like a version 1.1 of Papermonk’s guide over on Sribd but I don’t have an account there. But it got me thinking that version 1.0 was written in 2005 and NWN 1.69 came out in July of 2008.

The Lexicon has been tremendously helpful as a reference over the years. But the tutorials (Celowin’s & Robert’s) are even older than Papermonk’s!!!

We really need tutorials that reflect the 1.69 version of the code base. For example, the Lexicon’s tutorials on user defined scripts are outdated. The one in Papermonk’s guide is more recent but does it still reflect the current codebase? I’m not qualified to answer.

tldr; Is there is not a more recent version of Papermonk’s guide, could somebody update the tutorials in the Lexicon? Thanks!

I’m hesitant to change what is established content, but I’d be willing to write some new tutorials. Which things do you want the most?

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That’s very generous of you, SquattingMonk. My ideal Lexicon would:

  1. Include all of the content from PaperMonk’s Guide (which has some overlap with the Lexicon) so that we have a single reference guide.
  2. Have editor’s notes [e.g. deprecated in v1.69, the preferred method is now “xyz”] that update the existing tutorials; if the tutorials will not be rewritten.
  3. Embed links back to the tutorials in the Lexicon entries. For example, the OnSpawn page could have a link to the “HotU OnSpawn and Variables by ddaedelus” tutorial [found in PaperMonk’s guide which should be included in the Lexicon].

I use the Lexicon frequently but I also have to use PaperMonk’s guide as well. It would be great if the Lexicon included all of the tutorials compiled in PaperMonk’s guide and any other scripting tutorials written since October, 2005.

Also, the code examples are very helpful!

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Not forgetting:

The default nwn compiler is nice and all, but what it lacks is intellisense or the ability to have a flattened view of all base 1.69 functions in any include they may reside.
The NWNLexicon probably documents these functions, but sometimes it is catch 22, with the Lexicon.
You don’t know about the function, until you see it, but you cannot see it, because you don’t know it exists on the lexicon.

Shift + Space to open the intellisense dropdown/menu.