Is there a noclip equivalent?

Prophet Ch1 has a door that permanently opens to the wrong part of an area, making progress past that point impossible. What’s the best way to get my party from the castle walls to the courtyard? Is there a way to find the coordinates I need for dm_jumptopoint maybe?

Open the target area in the toolset. Hover the cursor over the point you’d like to jump to. Notice that the co-ordinates are shown at the bottom of the screen.

Thank you! I’ll give that a try.

Sadly this won’t work because the toolset is not as Wine compatible as the game itself - it freezes whenever I try to get properties on a tile. And likewise when I try to edit properties on a door.

Is there perhaps a way to get the coords the PC is currently on, so I can extrapolate from there?

Edit: it turns out that debug commands are disallowed in this module anyway (presumably because it has multiplayer support). Too bad :frowning:

Okay this actually gets even wilder: the door in question correctly goes to the destination dCastleInner, which really is the castle courtyard. So I’m pretty sure this is an EE bug.

Try this:

I posted it on the module page, too, in case it helps others.

Oh fantastic! Thank you, let me try that…

Edit: nope, that doesn’t work either. I think maybe because it’s a subtly different problem? The transitions work, they just go to the wrong place.

So a belated update, also posted in the Prophet Ch1 comments…

The door transition fix does not work, it seem to be a different issue. However I was able to work around the issue by enabling debug mode with the Ctrl-Shift-F12 panel (‘DebugMode 1’ was insufficient), followed by ‘dm_jumptopoint 50 120’. If those coords are off for anyone reading, just open the map and hop around in units of 10 or so to get your bearings.

I have no idea at this point whether the issue is an EE bug, a Prophet bug, or a CEP bug. But dm_jumptopoint does actually work - the caveat is you need to enable debug mode in the debug panel, not just using the DebugMode console command.