Is there a spell that causes PC to "damage" thesmselves?

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In a battle with some bad guys (who can cast spells), one of my wife’s PCs says “PCX damages PCX” as if the PC is harming themselves.

My question: What can cause a PC to do this? Is there some kind of spell that reflects damage back on the damager?

Thanks in advance.

Isn’t that the message when a Barbarian loses hps after his rage ends?

This is happening on a cleric character during combat.

Hmmm …

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Yes, it’s a strange one … If you have any explanation, even if there is a spell that my wife may have “accidentally” cast on her own PC, then that may help. But, whatever it is, it happened every round after it started, until the cleric died.

I believe Flame Strike was one of the spells cast … Do such spells have prolonged attack during which time the spell reports the damage being done as if from the PC themselves (as if on fire)?

Cheers, Lance.

I think there are “shield other” spells, where the cleric soaks ~half damage delivered to the target of the spell … technically i suppose the cleric is hurting him/herself


Ah! Thanks for that info … and I believe my wife does like to use Shield Other … I’ll take a closer look at that spell … but I think you may be onto something there.

EDIT: I reckon that is the answer! Thanks again! I learn something every day. :slight_smile:

Thanks KevL!

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Could be flamestrike, wall of fire from the fire domain, glyph of warding going bad, sunbeam, a blade barrier cast on the ground many spells can do that.