Is there a utility that quickly makes multiple copies of armor parts

Here’s the situation: I made a new part and I think its awesome (for me anyway) so i want to make multiple copies of it so i can set different output combinations. (leather1 with cloth2, cloth1 with metal1) and I know exactly how to do all of that.
But the model copying gets a little tedious… I open it up in gmax, type a new name(number) then export, change the name(number) then export (repeat)… let’s say i want to make like 50 copies of pfh0_shinl001 (with different sequential names (like pfh0_shinl101 -pfh0_shinl150) and that’s just the left part… of the human… female…
I have already made the part for every race and every gender, and currently deep in the whole “rename export rename export zone” … and just wondering if anybody knows of a utility that can do this faster.
Dont worry about the plts, and such, im just looking for same model duplication into new model names

Here is one of the things i am working on: a decent low-ish poly remake of aarin gend’s weird gloves- the forearm part! and yes, I am remaking his entire armor for every race so its going to be a while. Aaringloves

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Check out nwn armory. I think it may be what you are looking for.


I will try it, thanks TR
edit: Still tinkering with it but so far it’s awesome

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