Is there a way to centre the camera on a NPC in a conversation

So I’m making a conversation where two npcs talk to the player.

I was wondering if there is a way to centre the camera on them when they speak.

Mostly because one of them is a of to the side and can’t be seen when starting the conversation.

You can do this in cutscene mode.

Uncheck the Dialog Zoom on the conversation.

Start the cutscene, position the camera, then start the conversation.

When you need to reposition the camera on a different speaker, use the ActionTaken script on the preceeding PC response.

For example, you can see three NPCs doing exactly this in the opening scene of Crown of Creation.

Sadly I’m a bit idiot so is there any guide or something of that sort that could help me.

Coding is just one of those thing I’m really not good at.

Post #2 in this pinned topic has a useful list.

For your present purposes, you will need to know how to make a conversation (Toolset Manual) with conditional scripts (Lexicon, TR Basics, Lilac Soul’s script generator) and some cutscene basics (Lexicon tutorials - slightly out-of-date). I’d also recommend studying the Gestalt cutscene system, as it’s so much more reliable than trying to script your own.

What you are trying to do is slightly advanced, so get some practice in on the basics first.

Then you should be able to copy bits of my code to do what you want. This forum will help if you post code that doesn’t quite work.

I’m probably going to do all that but for the time being I’m just going move the characters closer to each other.

So that both can be seen when talking. I honestly don’t care if the camera goes down to face level for them. I just you the player to be able to see them when they speak.