Is there a way to create a new appearance for an item?

So I am trying to improve a mod that I like (the Ultima IV: Rebirth mod that was recently abandoned), and I’m new to the mod game. Meaning that, for the most part, I don’t know what I’m doing.

I was trying to create a new necklace for the Ankh in the game, but all of the options for the necklaces don’t look right. So I’d like to create my own. But I can’t figure out how. What is the easiest way for me to create new art for a necklace and then use that art in a mod?

Not sure how it works in NWN1, but in NWN2 when doing stuff like this, I make a new image in Gimp and export it as a tga file. Maybe check out how large the art can/should be (the width and height) since I think NWN1 has a lot of different sizes for their item art. Then put the image you’ve done into one of the hak paks used by the module, and then in the toolset choose the Icon for the particular item and save the module there. It ought to work something like this.

EDIT: Opened up the NWN1 toolset (I don’t have the EE version of the game but the old original one). When you edit an item you have something called Appearance. That’s where you’ll hopefully find your new tga image that you’ve made in Gimp (or some other program).

As andgalf said you can make a new icon and just drop it in a hakpack with a new number.

The easiest way is to take an existing icon (use nwn-explorer to export it, see help here) and recolour/change it and resave.

Necklaces are iit_neck_XXX.tga files. So you’d take one and name it say, iit_neck_030.tga and have it in a hakpack and the toolset should find it.

Thank you so much! Pointing me out to nwn-explorer so that I could export a tga file, edit it, and rename it to one that does not clash with an existing tga file was exactly what I needed.

I appreciate the assist!