Is there a way to hide as the DM for a screenshot?

I’m running some players through SKS and I wanted to take screenshots. Is there a way to hide the DM avatar so that I don’t show up in the shot? Are there suggestions people have for creating good screenshots of the players as the DM?

You can possess a creature in your screenshot to eliminate your DM avatar. Or, if you have DMFI installed, you can use one of the vfx tools to apply Cutscene Invisibility to yourself as the DM. There is probably a use case where you simply apply cutscene invisibility to any DM avatar in your on client join or something. Unless you plan on appearing to players as your DM avatar, probably no harm in going cutscene invis permanently.

Thanks @pliny_the_elder!

I have DMFI in the module and just did a test. It works great!

However, I’m not seeing a way to remove that effect…

(Ah! Is it duration based, so it will just go away after a short time, maybe?)

My pleasure. Glad to help. Yes, it has a pre-set duration, and relogging should clear the effect as well.

Ok, that works. Firing that effect before a screenshot is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again!