Is there a way to mark jounal entries as completed?

I have journal entries that I complete and then they reappear as not having been done. Is there a simple utility I can use to simply mark those entries as completed?

Are you playing a specific mod or using a custom journal script at all?

I am playing the Original Campaign, but I have customized it fairly heavily. I am not surprised that the journaling is not working quite right, I just wish to be able to modify it as needed.

What’s the name of the quest(s) you need set to completed?

“Wizard’s Arsenal”
“Neeshka and Leldon”

Extract this file into your Override folder:

While in-game, right click on your main character so he/she is selected.
Open your console and type the following lines one at a time:

debugmode 1
rs clean
debugmode 0

Now you can exit the console. The Kipp and Arsenal quest should be gone, and the the Neeska quest should now be in the completed tab of the journal.
Let me know if it worked.


That worked great!

Thank you.