Is there a way to submit a new revision of someone else's mod?

So one of the mods that I enjoy (Ultima IV Rebirth (NWN:EE Only) | The Neverwinter Vault) has essentially become abandonware, as the original author has moved on with his life. He also deleted his facebook and discord accounts shortly after posting the latest update of his mod, so I don’t know how to get in touch with him anymore, and I would doubt he would reply to any queries to his account if he’s gone to the trouble of deleting his other accounts.

After playing through the latest version, I found a couple of bugs and fixed them using nwtoolset. (the most glaring is that the new version doesn’t start in the right place…I think the original author was bugfixing, had the game start in a certain location, then submitted the latest version of the mod and forgot to reset the game so that it started in the right location).

So…what’s the best way for me to submit this new mod with my slight corrections? Is there a way I can submit a new revision, or so I need to create a completely new mod with myself as the author and submit the updated file there?

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I’ve done that last option three times now.
I do my fixes plus whatever custom content I feel needs to be added.
I post it as a new project with a link back to the original and an explanation of what I’ve changed.
I’ve started calling them Unofficial Patches after the similar work of super scripter Travus.
So far, so good.


That’s what I figured. Thanks for your quick response!

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You can upload your modified version of the module and simply link directly to the original version so everyone can download the required hak and music.


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Thanks for going the extra mile, bliznik! It’s a shame Melavir Sauin seems to have withdrawn from modding; he really did wonders for making Rebirth feel more like a proper Ultima game. I remember first playing the remake a decade ago or so and abandoning it halfway through because it was very barebones back then. But judging by the changelog it has so many more features now! Please do share your bugfixes - it seems like Melavir Sauin expressly permitted that with his last update, too.