Is there any guide how to use NWN1 toolset

I want to create a dialogue and characters in my module, but I only managed to created objects and usable weapons and places.–-aurora-toolset-manual

I couldn’t build without it!

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Does nobody bother reading the pinned topics in the general category? Look in this pinned thread for links to useful stuff and then look at the other pinned threads in that category. Bookmark them as you go. You’ll find out why that is necessary in one of the other pinned threads there.



The sooner you accept it, the less you will suffer, Tarot. It’s the same with manuals and readme files, and the “google before asking”-principle. There’s too much information available on the internet, and when we’re completely new at something, we lack the ability to put it into context and filter out what is or isn’t relevant to what we wanna do just then. Asking “What should I be looking at?” is much less complicated than trying to wade through masses of perceived gibberish.

Y’might want to pin links to those topics in the Custom Content and Scripting sections, too. :thinking: As it is, whether they’re visible depends very much on where new people first glance.


Adding another one to the mix, found via googling. Much less comprehensive than the manual @TheStoryteller01 linked, though. Definitely go with that one in the long run.

Generally speaking, you create and place creatures or creature blueprints in the same way you do items or placeables. A creature can have a linked conversation file, which is it’s default dialogue, but any conversation file can be started by any creature (or non-static placeable) via the ActionStartConversation() function.

Hit CTRL+ALT+V to start a new conversation file. Right-click on Root and hit Add to add a new node. On the righthand side, under “Text Appears When…”, you can specify conditional scripts for individual nodes that specify whether the node will appear at all - like, some dialogue options might only be available if the player has a certain item, or if they’ve got levels in a specific class.

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