Is there any way to do this or an alternative?

I’m trying to make the following feat but i don’t know how it could be done, at least the part of not provoking AoO:

Shadow Cast


Type of Feat: Class
Prerequisite: Shadowcaster level 1, Concentration 5 ranks.
Specifics: Your shadow shimmers as you cast a spell and you seem to cast your mysteries from elsewhere. While you aren’t surrounded, you do not provoke an attack of opportunity when you cast a spell or use a spell-like ability.

Use: Automatic.

Is the shadowcaster equivalent to the Casting Mode which the class doesn’t get because its neither arcane or divine.

I was thinking maybe setting the class to Spellcaster and HasArcane withouth giving it spell progression and giving a bonus to concentration while in defensive casting mode.

consider this experimental …


The SoZ overlandmap uses it extensively for miniature combat.

but I vaguely recall that a couple of the arguments might be switched around …

Yeah, i was thinking on use that too but that could stop temporarily AoO to other creatures.

It seems that the better solution would be to set the class to Spellcaster and using the defensive casting mode and adding a bonus to concentration with the rules of Shadow Cast feat while casting, i tested it a bit with other custom classes that I’m making and it seems that caster level is being tracked separately for each one and i’m not using the GetCasterLevel for those so it should be ok.

The bonus could be the equivalent of Combat Casting or higher due to the requirements of not being surrounded or simply scrapping the surrounding part.

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