Is there any way to know if an AoE is Extraordinary or SU?

As the title says, is there any “official” way to do it? Since AoE are objects rather than effects, i can’t check using the effects functions.

I don’t think so … you’d sorta have to modify the AoE spellscripts and flag the created AoE-objects with the subtype (or some other no-dispel flag)

but in ‘x0_i0_spells’ the dispel-AoE functs simply check for duration type PERMANENT - meaning it’s basically an aura on a character and can’t be dispelled.

So, the only way it would be using local variables? I checked the script so, with this SetLocalInt(oAoE, “X1_L_IMMUNE_TO_DISPEL”,10) the AoE should be immune to dispel effects.

as long as it’s set on an AoE-object
as long as any/all dispel-AoE scripts check that and bypass, yep