Is This A Legal Proposition? (Please Don't Spam Me!)

Hi All, (@Tarot_Redhand )

I’m curious … I had an idea, and I wondered if this broke any laws, as I do not want that!

What if I offered, for example, a competition to put up a £100 money prize for the person who downloaded my module and reported the most “bugs” (in a complete play-through) compared to anyone else who downloaded it?

However, to fund this idea, it would cost them £10 to enter, and would require an overall minimum number of entrant downloads to be viable. (If not met, then no competition.) If you don’t get what I’m saying, here is a working example …

Entry cost per player: £10.
Total Paid Entrants x 13 = £130.
Prize: £100.
Organiser (me): £30.

This might help encourage more feedback, which would also help me.

I suppose one could run other types of incentive/encouragement schemes, such as writing feedback. i.e. The best report on the module (rather than bugs) may be the winner.

Anyway, I’m sure there are people here who may know whether this breeches any EULA.

NB: I know there would have to be qualifying rules and adjudicators, but I thought that could be done in a community like this.

Thanks in advance.

Not a lawyer but as this is an international site, various countries will have various laws regarding this which it would be easy enough to fall foul of. So I don’t think this is a viable idea. But as I am not a lawyer this is just my thoughts.


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Hmm, OK, so maybe I need to ask a lawyer if the idea breeches any EULA or international law … Do we have any on the boards? :wink:

I’ll ask around some people I know as well, to see if the idea is even worth considering. If it’s too complicated, I’ll just throw it out as a bad idea.

I guess you’re not authorized to do so:
You may not copy, rent, lease, sublicense, distribute, publicly display the Software, create derivative works based on the Software (except to the extent expressly permitted in the Editor and End-User Variation section of this Agreement or other documentation accompanying the Software) or otherwise commercially exploit the Software.”
In your example, you’ll earn 30£ thanks to work created with the toolset, which I believe is some kind of commercial exploitation of the Software.
Anyway I’m not a lawyer either.


I suppose it depends on what “commercially exploit” means from a point of law. Maybe I can look it up or find someone who might know.

It was just an idea I thought might encourage some kind of “serious” involvement in any ongoing projects.

Thanks for commenting. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I found this definition, " Commercial exploitation is a term referring to all activities used to benefit commercially from one’s property . Examples include making property, selling it, offering it for sale, or licensing its appropriation or use."

Therefore, I suppose that any kind of financial benefit would be construed as such by the looks of it, even though the examples do not specifically mention the means I do.

Just out of interest, so would this also mean I could not sell my copy second hand? (Not that I would, of course. :wink: )

No, that is allowed:
You may permanently transfer all your rights under this EULA, provided you retain no copies, you transfer all of the Software (including all component parts, the media and printed materials and any upgrades) and the recipient reads and accepts this EULA.

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The model that seems to pass muster is something like Patreon, where you can give your patrons perks on stuff you would otherwise “publish” in some fashion, depending on what it is you’re creating.

For NWN, the terms of the license could be honored because everything you do is released eventually as some form of the standard “free & open.”

Would non-monetary rewards attract more people? For example, would an offer like “help play test my module and I’ll add you/your character as an NPC!”

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Oh, right. I’ll go check out your module, too. :wink:

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Thanks for saying you’d check out my module. :+1: Always keep an eye open for the latest version. (*)

I’m not sure non-monetary perks would work as well on something like an otherwise free mod. However, I’d be happy to offer that too. :slightly_smiling_face:

(*) If you find any bugs, or have any report you believe would help, then do let me know.


@Lance_Botelle I will pass bug reports & comments to you via PM unless you would prefer otherwise. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Dustin_Offal ,

Through PM would be great. :+1:

Edit: I may pass on my email to you later too, for ease of pick-up.

Much appreciated.

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That works for me. I will PM you my email address in return.

Just to make sure I am looking at the correct project this is your current effort for which you seek playtesters:

Mostly I pay attention to NWN1 but I have and enjoy NWN2 as well.

I don’t think I ever played your NWN1 Soul Shaker but I’m not sure.

The Scroll is monumental in scope! :open_mouth:

So it may take a while for me to have anything worth saying. :wink:

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One little thing regarding what @4760 said. What he said only applies if the version of NwN 2 that you are selling is on disk/CD/DVD. For digital downloaded versions the venders (e.g. GoG, Steam, etc.) own Ts & Cs apply.


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Yes, The Scroll is my NWN2 module, which I would like the feedback on. :+1:

Of course, I’d be more than happy if you wanted to give feedback on my NWN1 project, Soul Shaker, as well. :wink:

I’ll PM my email.

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@Dustin_Offal I suggest playing with an empty /override 'cause The Scroll is about as close as it gets to a total overhaul of Nwn2


I would even go so far as using a " -home " switch.
Installing modules separately ("-home" shortcut) | The Neverwinter Vault



I’ve not seen this before, but anything that prevents any sort of clashing sounds good to me.

I’ll have to check that out tomorrow.

Edit: I just took a quick look, and I can’t comment how it will work using that or not. So, I may experiment tomorrow. At the very least, I would encourage total clean setup as I describe in the manuals and notes.

For now :zzz:

Edit: I note that this uses the Client Extension. Personally, I don’t use that and cannot say my module has been fully tested with it. In my own experience, when I did try it once, the CE appeared to cause some stutter. I would probably recommend not using the CE in this instance.

Thanks @kevL_s . I’ll make sure to start from a clean base install of NWN2.

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Thanks @travus . This is a really good tip & I’ll keep it in mind for all NWN2 projects.

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I have no idea whether it would be legal or not, but …

I hope you don’t mind me giving an unsolicited opinion: It doesn’t strike me as such a good idea. If you have trouble finding playtesters who do it out of passion for the game and gratitude for your free module building, why should making people pay for playtesting - with the slight chance that they earn a minum wage for their work - draw them in? Financially it’s not really an attractive offer, and would even feel kind of exploitative to me, if someone was motivated by the money only. Might cause bad blood or at least disappointment, too, because it’s not just a competition but one you have to invest money in on top of the time. The only way I could see it working is when the participants are already supportive enough of your work that they would be fine with donating their time and money anyway, even without the competition. In which case you would not really need it, heh.