Is This Change to EE Significant?

From the patch notes for dev build 8184

We bumped the default maximum texture memory to 256MB. Previous settings of 64MB are rewritten to this value. The new minimum is 96MB. The bigger-by-default texture memory should improve stability in some situations.

So is this significant? Does it help at all with cc creation?


I think this has to do with video card memory utilization,but I could be wrong. I think his is one of those more of a under the hood, easy make a number bigger fix’s. New Video cards use DDR5, so it’s more memory bandwidth they can use for texture draw calls. But i do not know how big a difference it is right now.

This is just the default setting, for new installs. This has been user editable for a while in the ini. If you have a relatively modern GPU, I’d recommend just putting this at 1GB and forgetting about it.