Is this possible - script question

I have a character that is bald. Well, not really…but she has a helmet as a haircut. The reason for this is, I want to have to different haircuts for two different outfits, so I converted two haircuts to helmets. So far so good. Now, the problem is, if the player wants another outfit/armor for the character, the character will now be bald if using any other armor. Is it possible to make a script that whenever the character is not wearing the two outfits I made, that the character has a helmet (a haircut) instead of being bald, or maybe just change hairstyle? Or can one possibly make a script that fires whenever these two outfits are equipped, that the character then doesn’t have a helmet perhaps?

Hmmm, maybe one can use the Item Equipped template on Script Assist…

The function GetPCItemLastEquippedBy…does that apply to companions also?

Ok. I managed to solve it without scripting.

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And now when my brother is beta testing this module it seems that I didn’t solve it after all. (Too bad I never wrote down how I “solved it” in the first place, I wish I did, to see if there is something that’s gone wrong.)
My belief is that maybe my “sollution” was to just let the character have a helmet constantly under Armor Set. But then that only works if you undress the character. Once you put on another armor that you buy somewhere the character will look bald.

I’ve also tried manipulating the NeverShowArmor (turning it to True) through scripting but that doesn’t seem possible either. If that were possible it would be nice to switch it to True whenever the PC puts on another armor on the character.

One thing I tried that I thought would work was to make a helmet that was permanently in the character’s inventory, and make that helmet appear as one of the haircuts I’m using, but I couldn’t get it to appear as a haircut. Strange how it works that one can choose Armor Set and then choose one of my hair- to- helmets (Helm Type under Default(Cloth) and Helm Variation 79) but you can’t manage to to that under the custom helmet’s Item properties…Or maybe I just don’t understand how to do that?

Does anyone know?

At the moment it just shows a random helmet model. I tried looking at Model Part 1 and pick the number 79 there but…well, I don’t know if I go about it the wrong way.
Oh, I remember now, I had this same kind of problem with a cloak. I went to Armor Set under the Helmet Properties and there you can change things. Oddly enough my haircut wasn’t there but I’ll see if I can fix that.

I finally managed to solve it by making a helmet with my haircut. It took an hour or so before the toolset and the game finally wanted to cooperate with me.

For my own sake as well as for someone else wanting to get a shot at this, this is how I did it:

I looked in Armor Set of a custom made helmet and checked which of the hair-helmets in my override showed there. I’m not sure exactly how I eventually got it to work, since there was a lot of trial and error, but I believe I opened up the haircut I wanted to use in MDBconfig, in this case P_HHF_CL_Helm80, renamed it to P_HHF_CL_Helm229 (a number I hadn’t used before) and I even did a version I named P_HHM_CL_Helm229 (for male characters). When that worked it showed up under Armor Set under nr.228. When changing to “show as female” at the bottom of the Armor Set, I finally got the hair to show up correctly. I then tinted the hair-helmet to the correct color. Then I placed the helmet item in the character’s inventory.