Is this possible - script question

I have a character that is bald. Well, not really…but she has a helmet as a haircut. The reason for this is, I want to have to different haircuts for two different outfits, so I converted two haircuts to helmets. So far so good. Now, the problem is, if the player wants another outfit/armor for the character, the character will now be bald if using any other armor. Is it possible to make a script that whenever the character is not wearing the two outfits I made, that the character has a helmet (a haircut) instead of being bald, or maybe just change hairstyle? Or can one possibly make a script that fires whenever these two outfits are equipped, that the character then doesn’t have a helmet perhaps?

Hmmm, maybe one can use the Item Equipped template on Script Assist…

The function GetPCItemLastEquippedBy…does that apply to companions also?

Ok. I managed to solve it without scripting.

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