Is this working as intended? Sorcerer MetaMagic

I would love to get some confirmation from someone, or maybe I’m just misremembering how metamagic works for Sorcerers via the Toolset (I’m well aware in how it works from the player side

In the toolset, if you attempt to give metamagic feats to any NPC that is a sorcerer, regardless of level, you will not be able to assign metamagic spells to his/her spelllist. If you go to a secondary class, say Outsider, Rogue, or whatever, that “class” is able to use the dropbox to assign metamagic spells, but obviously these classes have no spells to assign. If you keep the NPC pure-classed, you cannot assign metamagic spells at all.

In a nutshell, metamagic spells cannot be assigned to a sorcerer in the Toolset. Is that how it’s always been?