Isle of Styss (18+) Adult Persistent World

Just wanted to share a little about this amazing server. I just started playing there a week or so ago.

It has a very interesting mix of features, and with more players, I think it could become one of the strongest servers. It usually hangs around the top 10 on the list.

Some things about the server

  • The Warzone: IoS features a Warzone where players from the 4 major cities can take and hold key terrain features, similar to games like World of Warcraft and Dark Age of Camelot. Honestly, not my thing, but we have a lot of avid PVP players constantly making raids and fighting one another.

  • Leveling: Leveling is extremely quick, even solo, and the players and DMs are extremely helpful. It is perfect for a casual gamer like myself, that doesn’t have the time to grind a rat at a time, and more dedicated gamers will often have a character in each city.

  • Roleplay: Roleplay is encouraged, but never enforced, so while there is plenty of opportunity for roleplay, you can also jump on and shout “Hey, who wants to go clear out Grumstone?” or “Can I get help with this build?” without fear of reprisal. The casual attitude leads to more time spent with other players, a better community, and ultimately to better roleplay, whereas on some of the stricter roleplay servers, I would constantly find myself alone, or going through the motions but never making lasting connections. Also, with four major cities, the potential for politics and intrigue is enormous.

  • Adult Content: The toons are nude when they take their clothes off, and there is a huge amount of additional clothing content. There are certain items and locations that lend themselves to adult roleplay. If it’s not your thing, and you don’t go looking for it, you’ll probably never see it. However, if you’ve played on servers like Kinky Kingdom, Kissmet or Sinfar, and are looking for something on NWN:EE, this is for you. We have a ton of old KK/Kissmet alumni. Come join us!

  • Customization: In addition to a huge number of clothing options, there are all sorts of other customization options, to include deleveling, wings, tails, animal heads, changing heads and hair and skin color, height variations, and even the ability to change race (in appearance only). So you want to play a Halfling but all the builds suck? No problem!!! Build as a human and then change your appearance. Want cloven hooves and a tiger head? You can do that too!

In addition, Isle of Styss has some beautiful scenery, challenging dungeons and plenty of locations to explore.

We are building a community. Come join us!

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