Isn't every dragon technically a sage?

So ever since I first discovered the Nya quest, I always took the Wyrmsage with me everywhere I went and sprinkled it on every corpse I came across for the rest of the game. I know it doesn’t affect any corpses other than the ones at Ember, I just do it for the RP. Does anybody else do that, though? It’d be a pretty funny thought to sprinkle some of that on Garius and have the KoS go “WhAt THe f^&K??” when he tries to reanimate him.

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I don’t do this, but I’m letting you know that this is a nice idea, not just for the main campaign, but for fan modules as well. I think about this sometimes, too. If reanimation and conversing with spirits exists, then of course people will use it for interrogation!

The only game where I remember this idea being fully realised is Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura.

I don’t see how Wyrmsage could be used for interrogation.

Oh, sorry, I misread your post. Never mind.