Issue with EE not saving High Resolution Font setting or server favorites list

Each time I run NWN EE I have to toggle on High Resolution Fonts again, as the game does not seem to remember that I already did that last time. When I go to the multiplayer server list, it also doesn’t remember if I mark a server as a favorite. It even forgets that setting within the same session, e.g. select server as favorite, connect to server, quit to main menu, go back to server list -> favorites tab is empty again.

Also, when I quit and check nwn.ini in the Documents folder, high resolution font is still set (UseLargeFont=1), but when I start NWN EE, the line in nwn.ini reads UseLargeFont=0 again, so the game seems to revert the changes or override the nwn.ini on start. At the same time, other options don’t seem to be affected. For example, if I manually edit nwn.ini to change DisableIntroMovies=1 or =0, the change is permanent. Or if in-game I toggle on or off Shiny Water or VSync, right above the high resolution font option, those changes are permanent, too. Really weird.

Any idea what could be causing this?

The multi-player server settings is a known issue (by me, and therefore by Beamdog). It’s fixed in the upcoming patch.

I don’t know about the font issues.

In both cases, Beamdog has a bug report system that’s much more robust than a simple email. It requires more input though. It can be found here:

Before reporting it as a bug, should I find out if there are others experiencing the same issue? There’s a chance it might be something on my end only (although I have no clue what that could be).

UseLargeFont is 1 in my INI file after closing EE. I don’t play multi-player (in case that is relevant).

For me as well, if I set it like that during the last session. But the next time I start the game, the font gets set to small again and the value in the INI file is 0 unless I set it back to 1 again. I assume that’s not the case with your installation, otherwise you’d have noticed.

I would report it as a bug anyway. Sometimes everyone is doing the exact same thing “nobody else reported it, must be me”.

If it’s a known issue, they’ll notify you that it was rolled into another ticket. If it’s new, they’ll ask you to narrow stuff down by doing x, y or z.

Ok, I filed a report.

Incidentally, last week I noticed another issue, but it might be a bug or glitch in NWN:Diamond, not EE, just related to EE. I have both editions installed, and in theory they should work independently of each other without interferring. After all EE uses the files in My Documents, while Diamond uses the files in the game folder. BUT last week I noticed that NWN Diamond was displaying savegames made in EE, among them the autosave and quicksave file. When I checked the save folder in my NWN Diamond directory, the autosave and quicksave files date back to 2017 and are still for modules I played back then. But when I run NWN Diamond, it shows me quicksave and autosave from the last module I played in EE. So apparently NWN Diamond has spotted the savegame folder in the My Documents directory and is prioritizing it over the savegame folder in its own NWN Diamond directory. Pretty weird.

If you go into C:\NeverwinterNights\NWN\nwn.ini it might be pointing back to your MyDocuments save folder. Though WIndows might be grabbing anything that’s NWMain.exe and saving it there… I don’t know. I’d compare both your nwn.ini files and see if they’re pointing to the same directory, and if not, I’d report that one also.

I actually configured EE to utilize all my 1.69 folders so that I didn’t have to maintain 2 copies of HAKs, ERFs, Overrides etc…

You’re right, it did point to the documents folder. That’s still weird, because I don’t think I’ve written that line, and why would it point to the Documents folder, if the saves folder is in the NWN directory? Maybe something the people at GOG did …? Anyway, good thing that’s cleared up now, thanks!

Oh, that sounds very practical. Did you just change nwn.ini for that, or does it require something else?

I just changed the EE nwn.ini file. I only changed the custom content type folders (and my DMVault and characters). The Custom Content (as a player) isn’t changed by NWN, so you don’t have to worry about cross compatibility. The character files are cross compatible for now… But be wary, as this will change soon.

But it’s possible the other way around, too? I could just put all the custom content in My Documents and then refer NWN:Diamond to that folder as well?

I assume by changing
HAK=C:\Users\ …\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak ?

It SHOULD work. Remember, though, that stuff created/compiled in EE might give you fits (and cause crashes) when used in Diamond/1.69. The other way is almost universally acceptable, but EE doesn’t make things backward compatible.

Modules won’t even load (there is a minimum version tag in EE modules), and EE has scripts and content that won’t load in Diamond (so things just won’t appear or work).

Yeah, but I’d only run 1.69 compatible modules with NWN Diamond, so they’d only access haks from My Documents that they were made for, right?

(Unless there’s a CEP 2.x version one day exclusively made for EE that would override the old files with 1.69 incompatible ones, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon without causing protest.)

That’s the part I don’t know about. If somebody created a .hak file in EE, I’m positive there is a high chance it’d give you fits using it in Diamond. I don’t know if the CEP, CTP or CPP folks are keeping things in 1.69 forever, but if you download a CEP 2.x file, it does overwrite what’s on your hdd. I do know Amon was created using pre-EE NWN and used CEP 2.2. When we downloaded CEP (latest) for playing, we had several broken doors and other problems that caused crashes and load screen hangs, even though we didn’t compile the module with these new files.

1.69 looks for haks, EE looks for haks. It doesn’t discriminate. EE will look for a hak named “xyz.hak” and doesn’t care which version it was created in. Same goes for Diamond. So like your example of CEP, if somebody in one of these community projects decided that it’s time to go EE, you wouldn’t be able to utilize a single folder any longer (probably).

Even then, as long as you’re armed with the knowledge that “this” may be what’s causing your Diamond to not launch, or give you missing hak errors, it should be a relatively easy fix.

This is a bit off-topic, but I also noticed another issue, that IIRC is present in both my Diamond and my EE installation: Often when I try to load a savegame while I’m already in a module, I get an error message, that it failed to load. When I quit to the main menu and try loading it again, it works though. I don’t quite recall whether this happens only after dying or only with quicksaves or with all savegames at all times. But it happens a lot. As if the module can’t be loaded as long as it’s still in the memory or something. And I don’t remember this happening several years ago, when I was still playing a lot. Is that a known issue, too, or something to do with INI settings or GOG configuration?

There are a lot of reports of crashing during saving/autosaving. These were almost universally due to AntiVirus software not allowing NWN write access to a drive.

This seems similar, but should have been fixed with an update.

If nothing else seems similar, it would be worth looking on redmine and possibly posting a new bug report.

I’d start with making an exception in your AV software though, just in case.

It’s not really a problem with saving or data corruption; saving works flawless and the savegames in question seem fine, too. I don’t get crashes or the game stalling on loadingscreens either, just an immediate error message, because it seems that NWN can’t load them from within the module; I always need to go back to the main menu to load them, and then they work fine.

Would be interesting to know whether anyone else has experienced it, and with what version. There is a chance it could be connected to GOG integrating cloudsaves, because I know that messed up one of the old DOSBox games I have, but I’m not sure whether that’s a likely explanation in the case of NWN, and if so, where they could have messed with the saving (they probably didn’t?). If this doesn’t ring a bell for the folks around here, maybe I should ask around on the GOG forums first.

EDIT: Hm, but when I tried to replicate it in both editions now, no issue occurred, so it doesn’t seem to be consistent. Maybe only if you’ve played for a longer time? I guess I’ll have to observe a little more closely in what circumstances it occurs, the next time I play.

Thanks for the quick reply, in any case. I’ll consider reporting it once I manage to gather a few more useful observations.

I just noticed that the high resolution font resetting bug was reported before by others, and then eventually closed as “Not an Issue” anymore. But it’s still in my game. Let’s hope that the new patch will come soon (and also to GOG!), and that this issue will be fixed in it.