Issues with Pirates of the Sword Coast MP

I’m currently playing Pirates of the Sword Coast in Multiplayer with two friends, and we encountered two issues. Can anyone help fixing them or shed light on why they might be happening?

  1. At some point in the game (could it have been after a cutscene, maybe?) something changed so that now hostile creatures (red) are not shown as hostile to us anymore but as neutral (blue) until we attack them via the radial command. Even then, other members of their faction who come running and join the fight are often blue at first and have to be attacked in order to become red. To be clear, the enemies still perceive the party as hostile and attack even when displayed as neutral. I remember that this happened to me and other friends in HotU at some point, too. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a glitch, but we can all see it and it persists in savegames.
    2. In Spindrift Town, our male party got a map from Pegleg Paulson that’s supposed to help us find a wildflower for Sweet Marie, so that she would join our crew. We found the flower, but Sweet Marie does not acknowledge that we found it, regardless of who has it in his inventory when talking to her. She just says her usual, rather cranky lines. Do we absolutely need her or Pegleg Paulson in the crew or are there enough alternatives that we will be able to continue our playthrough even if this quest turns out to be bugged?

Thanks for any help or advice you can offer!

(Disclaimer: I’m crossposting this to Steam and Reddit forums, as I’m not sure where I’m most likely to get answers on this subject. I hope that’s okay.)

I’m going to respond to these out of order…

Question #2 - Do you need Sweet Marie? No.
You’ll find more crew than you’ll actually be able to take with you. However! If you have been trying to get the rewards for having Poly count stuff, you’re going to miss out on the rewards for finding all 8 possible crew members.

Poly’s Parrot Tongue
Description: YOu don’t think this tongue is actually Poly’s. A part of you wishes it was, mind you…

Use Ironguts (2) Unlimited Uses/Day
Use Sound Burst (3) 2 Uses/Day
Use Wounding Whispers (9) 1 Use/Day

Question #1 about the hostiles showing as blue… I haven’t seen this in POTSC, but I’ve only been playing in single-player. I have seen something similar and possibly related while playing Infinite Dungeons.

In Infinite Dungeons, you’ll eventually get an item that lets you charm enemies and force them to serve you until you release them (causing them to turn hostile again) or die. If my forced minion is able to summon elemental pets, these pets will sometimes go psycho and relentlessly attack my other minion(s) or even myself while still showing as green. However summoned them isn’t attacking other party members, just the pet is doing it. The only resolution that I found was to just release the pet’s owner so that they both display as hostile and kill them.

Veti in Darkness Over Daggerford also summons a pet, but it’s also an animal companion that remains loyal to the whole party. I’ve also not encountered a situation where hostile enemies show up as blue. This applies to both the Canceled Premium version and the NWN:EE Premium version. Other modules where I was forced to drag along a henchmen also did not result in any faction issues.

However the times when I am by myself and summon an elemental to help me out, I don’t run into issues with enemies showing as blue nor with my summon attacking things it shouldn’t. (Because I play rogue and just fake it with Use Magic Device, my ability to summon depends on finding spell scrolls.)

If someone in your party is summoning elementals as pets, it could be the cause.

Whoops, I forgot to close this thread or report my findings about problem (1), sorry! In the meantime, I had already learnt from the GameBanshee walkthrough that you only need 5 out of 9 possible crewmembers but you also can get only 7 out of 9 due to two pairings with mutually exclusive NPCs, and Sweet Marie being bugged limited our options to 5 mininum, 6 maximum. But we encountered no further bugs there and were able to find a crew and eventually finish the module. I’ve also seen others report that this quest doesn’t work, so it seems to be a bug in the module that probably won’t be fixed anymore, now that Beamdog has more or less moved on from NWN EE …

Interesting. Tbh, we completely missed learning about this challenge in the first place. At least I did, since I let the others do the talking, and the player who talked with Polly in our absence never reported anything like that. Better that way, I guess, so we couldn’t even get disappointed about it not working anymore. :sweat_smile:

That’s interesting as well, although it sounds more specific and like a different problem than ours, since ours was universal and affected all enemies for the second half or two thirds of the module. I’ve only ever seen it twice in my time with NWN and only in multiplayer. The other two played wizard and druid though and both summoned creatures or turned into creatures themselves, so I wouldn’t completely rule out that it was the cause. It just seemed way more messed up than what happened to you (which sounds like an individual faction issue).

At first I thought it might have started when we turned on the lizardmen, but then one of the others reminded me it had already been happening before, in the caves with all the splitting oozes.

Anyway, we’ll probably never find out what caused it, but I appreciate your insightful reply, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh! I just remembered something else. If you have custom content installed, sometimes it can do weird things with NWN:EE. In POTSC, it caused my character to show up in intermissions (just standing there) when the player isn’t supposed to be present. In Tyrants of the Moonsea, some custom content caused certain enemies to not show up.

When I refer to custom content, I don’t mean haks just hanging out in the folder. I’m specifically referring to haks that you patched into the game at launch, stuff in the development folder, or stuff in the override folder. (Although some modules completely ignore the override folder.)