It is possible to create Gloves or natural weapons to overcome DR material?

I’m trying to make some gloves/natural weapons to overcome DR from materials, here is what i have for testing:

	object oGloves = CreateItemOnObject("nw_it_mglove010",OBJECT_SELF);
	DelayCommand(0.0,ActionDoCommand(ActionEquipItem(oGloves, INVENTORY_SLOT_ARMS)));
	itemproperty iMagicWeapon = ItemPropertyAttackBonus(1);
	IPSafeAddItemProperty(oGloves, iMagicWeapon, 0.0, X2_IP_ADDPROP_POLICY_IGNORE_EXISTING);		


With this it should overcome Magical DR and Cold Iron DR. Only the Magical DR is being bypassed.

After some testing and searching, it seems that is not possible to bypass DR material with Natural weapons. I checked the feat Silver Fang from Kaedrin PRC pack and it doesn’t work either.