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I was trying to name an item object in a module I’m working on "Journal of <FirstName>", but the name of the PC doesn’t show up ingame. Is it impossible to use <FirstName> on an item perhaps? I mean you can use that in a conversation without problems. I mean, I could perhaps call it “Your journal” instead but it doesn’t sound as good to me…

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A dynamic name.

I don’t think you can do a dynamic name on object like it’s possible to do with a conversation line or a journal entry, but you can set a name with a script:

string sObjectName = "Journal of " + GetName(GetFirstPC(TRUE));
object oJournalofPC = GetObjectByTag("TagOfObjectJournal");

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Ah, ok. Let me try that then. Thanks!

Those tokens defined in the conversation tool are dedicated to that tool, I believe.

However, your own custom tokens can be used anywhere. Eg, You could setup some name tokens early on and then just recall that custom token.

Although, in this case, I second using the scripted method. Although, more conditional checks need to be had here, especially if you want to consider MP, or even a different member of the party. IE A companion.

I was on my way to write some custom token script to try out when I saw Shallina’s response. Since that worked I’m using that instead, I think. It’s a bit more involved writing a custom token script.

Custom tokens can be setup really early on, using one of the on enter scripts. But, I believe using basic scripting is the most straightforward approach here too.

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