Item stack sizes

Hey all! Still digging thru the hundreds of modules haks etc. from my diamond edition. So much fun…the digging part! I found a character, a wizard, she has potions of shadow 1400! Potions of heal 1300! How did I do this? All in one stack each, if I take them out of her bag of holding they are so heavy she can’t move! Is it a quality of life thing like nwn2? Can I do this for other characters? I play alone so I wouldnt be cheating. Have no clue how I got her loaded up like that…

That could be done in a simple mod to baseitems.2da, for example, or by hacking the character file.

Ok…how? Is there a topic somewhere that i could read? I can’t open 2da files so that probably wasn’t the way i did it. I have leto but I usually crash the app when i use it so i only use it for stats.

It’s hard to be certain what you did - could have been Leto perhaps, Pretty Good Character Creator, or some similar tool? I’m guessing that you created one potion in a bag of holding in game, then tweaked the stacksize with the tool (clever exploit, by the way)

There are lots of other ways, from Letoscript to GFFEditor, but it sounds like you didn’t do anything as advanced as that.

I think I got it! In the save games with leto… the drop down menu “from list in file”…gonna try it when i get home…not sure why this is important to me? I am finding i love fiddling with new mods and files etc. at least as much as playing😊. Thank you for being here for every nu B computer illiterate question we have.