Item worth

I have a custom item that I would like to be worth exactly 6000 gold, but whatever I do in the toolset it seems, when I get to a merchant ingame, the merchant will only buy it for something like 1859 or something odd like that. It seems, but I’m not certain, that it could have to do with the Appraise skill of the PC.
Still, is there no way to make this item worth exactly 6000 gold? I tried changing the Base Item property but that doesn’t change anything. I guess I could just do adding Additional Cost with trial and error until I get the right sum but…

If it’s like NwN 1, It is the appraise skill and possibly combined with the PC’s Charisma (not certain).


After further examination it is a bit as I feared. Once sold to the merchant, if the PC is to rebuy it, the item now is worth 6000. So question is: How do I get around the NWN2 stuff with the D&D rules and get it to be worth 6000 gold when selling it? Do I just increase the Additional Cost at random and test at random, until the item costs 6000? Is there no other way around this?

EDIT: Alright, I fiddled around at random and when I set the Additional Cost to 19358, the merchant bought it for 6000. Guess there’s no other way around this.

The price shown in the toolset is the item real price, however merchants will buy this item at a percent of the real price (as configured in the shop properties), and this price can be adjusted by the appraise skill (also configurable in the shop properties).

Let say the merchant buys item at 50% of their real price, you will need to set the item real price to 12000gp in order to sell it at 6000gp

Also, since each shop has its own buy / sell prices, I would suggest to instead sell this item via the dialog (using ga / gc scripts), or write a custom script. This way you can precisely control who will buy the item and at which price.