Might be wrong section? Move or lmk if so.

I have a custom itemlevel.2da that I’ve placed in my override folder to better suit how we want our item level progression to go.
It’s not working?
Currently in the toolset I created a dagger that by normal standards would exceed the L40 cap but in our system would still fall into the L40 groove.

When I load up the module it says its level req 44 still… what’s up with that?

Current items value is 4,860,982 level 44 req
With our custom .2da L40 weapons have a range of 7,500,001 - 9,999,999

Am I doing something wrong?

maybe the itemlevel.2da is overriden by (patch)haks ? Or maybe you have error in 2da file, can’t think of anything else.

this should work automatically otherwise

btw if this is all to fix the lvl 41+ ILR then you can use this (or install community patch which includes this)

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I’ll download it to at least compare.
As of right now I cleared my override and haks completely to test just this particular one and still no go.

Reason we need it is because the vanilla one caps out way to easily at L40.

We wanted to space out and add more fluidity in how weapons graduate there level range whilst also allowing stronger gear without said gear exceeding L40.

So complete rookie oversight on my part.
I guess when I moved it over I moved the copy of it which had(1) in the name…

Removed the (1) and all is working as intended now.

Thanks shadooow