Its a long time

I’ve just reinstalled NWN after many years away. So- what have I missed on the community side of things? What are the essential new modules to dive into and custom content?
I must say- reopening the toolkit after about twelve years away was a really great experience…

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Check out the recent module ratings.

Lots of new custom content, for example CEP 2.67 and the CCC.

In that case you just missed the start of the Custom Content Challenges. In which case you’ll need the CCC Catalogue. The Custom Content Challenge occurs every month (starting back in August 2010). With each month content creators are challenged to create stuff based around a theme. One thing to note is that it is not a contest and we are very loose about the definition of what is meant by custom content. Basically anything that a module builder can use except for a completed module. So far there have been 110 completed challenges with submissions by 100 creators resulting in approximately 7880 different things.

What is the catalogue and why would you want it? It is an Excel spreadsheet with every item that has been submitted to the CCC is listed in it. Not only that, as there are links to every month’s project page too.