It's possible to create a portable chest?

I’m trying to create the following ability:

Secret Chest: You can bring a sturdy well crafted chest into being at any point on the ground within 60 feet of you. This ability summons a chest that stores the items of its summoner for an indefinite time and hides on the Ethereal Plane once is used. You cannot summon this chest if you already have one standing. You cannot summon it again for 5 rounds after dismissing it.

I haven’t reached this ability yet but at some point i’m going to need to create it. The chest could be created with CreateObject and add a unique tag to it and maybe using Scripthidden to summon it/dismiss it afterwards. The problem with this is that i don’t know if the chest would be destroyed if i leave the area or how to transport it between areas.

am thinking you could use a campaign database to store/retrieve the container with all its items intact …

In our pw we have a png with a chest aspect, which can be recalled inside a bank and you can use its inventory as a deposit, once you exit save the content on the db for other calls.

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