I've been playing NWN2 for more than 10 years and only now did I realize the scroll of Shadow Simulacrum does not exist

Or Glass Doppelganger for that matter.
Basically is not a property you can apply to an item, you can’t scribe it nor make an item with SS once per day or similar.

Is there a mechanical reason why this is the case or is it just for balance reasons? (Imagine a rogue with a bunch of scrolls of shadow simulacrum could be game-breaking thinking of it).

I googled for some answers but this has never been addressed before apparently.

Is there a way to circumvent this? I really need an item to have SS as a daily spell.

sounds familiar …

… will look into it when time


i hope i got that right … it simply mimics the Solipsism scroll fix

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Kind Sir, you are everything that is right in this life.

I tested it and it works like a charm, both scroll, and item property.

Thank you ever so much.

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