I've lost the toolset start button!

No idea how this happened as I haven’t moved anything or messed about with files but my shortcut that used to start the NWN2 menu ( the one with the SoZ picture and tabs like play, toolset etc. ) said it didn’t connect with anything when I clicked it.

I can run the game from the application file in GOG games etc. But that doesn’t bring up the menu with the toolset option I just get the game launch !

Any ideas what happened or how to fix it would be appreciated, thank you.

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Ok I’ve found what’s missing it’s the NWN2Launcher application file. I’ve got two NWN2s on my PC one is a broken original that wouldn’t save games and one is a newer GoG version which is the one I use.

I can open the toolset with the old application and it works but am I playing with fire using two versions ? Is it just the C Documents NWN2 folder that matters and do both just load stuff into that ?

my first guess is that it’s a Windows Registry issue …
my second guess is that it’s also a problem with your Nwn2Start button properties …

in short … yep. Without better evidence id say that’s just a bad idea …

regardless, check the icon properties and try to hunt down what it references (its start-application path)

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The one that starts the game is linked to this… “C:\GOG Galaxy\Games\NWN2 Complete\nwn2main.exe”

And the one that gives me the start menu is linked to this…“C:\Program Files (x86)\Neverwinter Nights 2\NWN2Launcher.exe”

The Gog version no longer has a NWN2Launcher. I lined up the two folders and looked at which had what and the GoG version is missing the Launcher, hence no menu.

I have no idea where it is, my computer just decided the launcher link no longer existed !

I might have that file on my laptop I’m off to dust it off and check !

Well that didn’t work but my laptop’s GoG version has the launcher in the folder !

It was very polite and said " I’m sorry it doesn’t look like I’m in the Neverwinter Nights 2 install directory. Please put me back or reinstall Neverwinter Nights 2"

Isn’t that nice, but where’s the install directory, I was firing it up from the Gog Galaxy folder where I put it and it came from an exact game copy on my laptop ?

wtf. deleted somehow?

copy the file over and doublecheck your launch-button properties

im not sure that you did this, but i don’t think that an installation can simply be copied from one machine to another. The installer (likely) needs to add entries in each machine’s Registry …

do you think something (que TwilightZone) deleted the launcher executable file?

It’s definitely very twilight zone !

To get to that folder where it was I have to click computer, then c drive, then gog galaxy, then games, then Neverwinter nights 2. You can’t do that by accident !

But you’re probably right about the registry thing it really doesn’t like my copied launcher file. I suppose I could reinstall it but I can’t be bothered right now I just wanted the toolset to cheat in a mod I’m playing and find a journal entry to console because I couldn’t find something and was fed up with roaming around looking for it.

I found it and that was via the old version and using it’s toolset.

I’m now not so sure that it matters running two games because when you install NWN2 you get no documents folders, you run it and it creates them. Both my games use those folders for information, they both have their own separate OC, toolset and game running stuff but when it comes to mods etc they both use the same resource.

This might mean that whatever toolset I use it’s updating the same folders in the same place which the game will search for when necessary. They’re both looking for C/ documents/ Neverwinter nights 2. modules etc. So it might not matter.

I can use the toolset from my old game and play it on GoG. I tested it by changing a test mod and the changes work fine.

I still think it’s a bit dodgy and if I was making a module I’d be reinstalling to be safe, but it’s alright for what I just did…

If I come back here saying my game just self destructed it’s my fault, I can handle it and will take full responsibility !

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kk. This is the kind of entries that Nwn2 makes in the registry btw


I present it merely as evidence that installation makes proprietary entries. And so i wonder what the heck happens when you got 2+ installs …


Here’s something weird too I’ve got in my GoG version a file called NetDisplay in between mss32.dll and Neverwinter2 gdf.dll that appeared last night when I was playing at 10pm.

It’s not in the original game and it’s a blank text file of 0kb… I think it ate my launcher !

Also my Neverwinter Nights 2 doesn’t show up in the list of my installed games on GoG galaxy so I can’t repair it.

Something happened and I blame the gremlins !

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I just saw your registry thing and I like the way I got a big warning… Don’t you trust me ?

Because I wouldn’t trust me with a registry either !

I think the two installs are irrelevant because the documents / Neverwinter Nights 2 folders are just a shared resource they both use and can edit… Well only my old game can edit the GoG version just plays the game.

i purposely worded it in a way that hopefully even a 13-year-old can understand :)_~

it’s a public forum …

could be

well … note that those registry entries contain a path to the installation folder (not the documents) … so there could be nwn2-related stuff that wants the installation folder itself …

anyway, be prepared to back up yer stuff before heading back in for serious biz (and run a registry cleaner like CCleaner between deinstallation and reinstallation)


I’ve got it to show up on my GoG installed games now. I never clicked the GoG start shortcut so it thought I never had it. I just went straight into the game folder and shortcutted the launcher. I’m running a repair as I type.

This is not where the issue comes from it’s been working fine on my PC for over a year now from that shortcut, it just disappeared.

But I’ve fixed it !!! I can now hear the piano music again and see a toolset button when I hit the shortcut.

Well I didn’t fix it GoG did, I hit the repair option on the owned games thing and I got it back.

I will now put a line of salt around my computer, hang some garlic on my monitor, burn some sage and start planting wolfsbane I think the dead cat in the wall is a step too far and unnecessary !

Thanks for your help, I’m kind of glad I’m back to one version. My old one is an original from the disc that’s why it stays on my PC for sentimental reasons… I just can’t delete it.


I’ve been using 2 versions for years no issues (other than the save editor mod, but that has the same work around you used). the way I always do it when I move to a new pc is install the disks 1st (never got SOZ), then install the GOG version to get SOZ. the only problem I had with my newest PC is that I had to leave the disk game folder installed ( I usu can delete that with no issues, but on this pc I have to have it for the editor to work???). All my mods and overrides go in the Disk’s NW folder in My Documents.

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