I've tried everything!

I can’t even import a single .mdl file into my module. Nothing seems to work. I’ve even asked a AI to give me step by step instructions they were impossible to use. All I want is to create a monster with a custom appearance, I have the bloody .mdl file but nothing I have tries has successfully imported it into the game. The ai kept saying go to the resources tab or the windows tab or the database tab none of which exist! I am totally limited to the toolkit that comes with the game as I cannot include a single piece of custom made content into the game, This post is my last ditch effort to try and seek advice on how the hell to import custom models, images and tilesets into my module otherwise I am doomed to just be a player and never create anything. If anybody sees these please bloody help.

What is the model you want to import into the game? Is it a weapon, an item, a body part, a creature, a tile. Without that information you could get a dozen answers about how to add something while all of them are about something else than what you actually want to add.
I a monster is all you want to add, it is the appearance.2da you have to edit and add to your module with a hak. Did the AI tell you how to put files into a hak and add the hak to your module?

A creature model.

It said I needed to put the model in my override file and then create a new creature and click the browse button. There is no browse button! It’s enough to drive me crazy!

If you want it in your module, stay away from the override and use a hak.

Right first of all thanks for taking the time to instruct me in this as I am pretty much at the end of my rope with it. I appreciate it

So to use a hak do I use a packer to pack files into a hakpak?

The program for that comes with the game. It is in SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/NeverwinterNights/bin/win32 if you use Windows and have the steam version. It is called nwhak.exe.
But first you need a file called appearance.2da which tells the game which creatures there are. If it didn’t come with the model, you’ll have to either extract it or download it. Then you’ll have to edit it to add your creature.

Yep I can see a file labelled appearance2da and all the models and tga files that come with it.

If it didn’t come with the model what would I have used to extract it with? Is there a particular app?

Yes, there are a few, the easiest to use is called NWNexplorer. https://nwn.wiki/display/NWN1/NWN+Explorer

Oh my god I can’t believe how much information I’m getting. You helped me make more progress in the last five minutes than the last year or two of tearing my hair out. Thanks for this.

Is this applicable for custom equipment and tilesets too or are they processed differently?

If you got an appearance.2da I guess the creator of the model already added a line for that creature to it. Use the nwhak.exe to add the appearance.2da, the .mdl file and all the textures to a hak. Start the program and go to the Resource menu and select Add. Than add all the files and save as wiggle.hak or whatever you want to call your hak.

Once you have your hak, put it into Documents/Neverwinter Nights/hak/.
Now you can open your module in the toolset and from the Edit menu select Module Properties.
There is a tab named Custom Content. There is a drop down menu there with an arrow pointing down. If you click on that arrow you’ll get a list of all the haks you have and can select your hak and press the Add button.
Then click on OK.

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Brilliant! I’ve almost reinstalled the game again. I rage uninstalled it earlier today after multiple failed attempts. Once it’s installed I’m gonna give it a bash. I am seriously grateful you took the time, friend!

I’m gonna let you know how I got on.

You are a bloody genius mate!!! Thanks so much!! I absolutely chuffed!!

Tilesets usually come in a hak. You just have to add that hak unless you want to use more than one tileset. In that case you have to merge the files doortypes.2da which is a list of all tileset specific doors.
Placeables are added to placeables.2da and items to baseitems.2da.

You’re welcome! I also recommend downloading this: Custom Content Guide v3.0 | The Neverwinter Vault.
It is quite old, but the processes are still the same. It just won’t tell you about any of the new stuff from the Enhanced Edition, like shaders, creatures with more than 17 bones, customizable graphical user interface and more.
It has a little wrong information about adding new classes to the game, because at the time it was written, it wasn’t possible to add spell-casting classes and I think there were no module specific tlk files at that time.

Gotcha, I’m glad you told me about the tileset info as I have my eye on the ship interior mod. I’ll have a good read through and can now finally get cracking with my module! I might add the flintlock pistol weapon to my game too. Is the process pretty much the same? Not tried adding custom weapons but now that you’ve shown me the basics I can start learning. Thanks again mate you been a MASSIVE help! I owe ya a bunch! :smiley:

No, no. I’m a disrespectful menace who never helps anybody. I’ve got a reputation to lose. :wink:

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That’s available in CEP 2.x, the most widely-used plug-in-and-go content library for the game.

Offers a large selection of all sorts of content, so you don’t have to do the work yourself.

Not sure which of the models you have in mind, but the Black Powder Guns mod is a pretty good system which could be used with other models. That said, it’s not in CEP 2.x, and, while it comes with instructions, the modding and scripting is slightly advanced. Maybe do some simpler stuff first.