Journal broken in ee?

I recently updated my PW to .26 stable version and we noticed that sometimes journal entries aren’t visible in Journal tab despite the log says they have been added. Is this new known ee bug? Any other known bugs I should be aware of?

You’re two versions behind there - current stable is .28

27 is hotfix with client only fixes (ie. there isn’t .27 dedicated server)
28 and 29 are development versions and this bug was not mentioned in them.

Possibly related? Not sure without more detail. [8193.20.1] Journal Quest Entries not retained on relogging into an MP server · Issue #258 · Beamdog/nwn-issues · GitHub


I didn’t do extensive testing so far. But I believe the journal was not added correctly on first login already.

.28 is current stable

Give the current stable a try and see if the issue is still there. Niv himself has said on Discord - assuming I didn’t misunderstand - that not every little bugfix gets into the patch notes.

weird, the link that Tarot posted in the other thread stated it is “development build”. Well, I will replace the dedicated server with this then.

Yeah, still happening in .28, but I cannot reproduce it at 1st login. Thinking about it, I am not 100% sure it really have had happened on this ocasion, maybe I relogged when that happened…

Nope. I posted about that patch in the “stable” thread and @Proleric posted in the dev. thread within minutes of my post.