Journal Character Limits?

Warm winds and hello! Is anyone aware of a character limitation to a journal entry, or the raw number of characters permitted before it stops? and if so, what might that be? I wasn’t aware of one until I attempted to use it as a Player’s Handbook to highlight changes from default NWN, and suddenly I found it was exceedingly short. I suppose it must have a limitation, just curious as to what it might be, and if there’s a way to extend it, or maybe ask Beamdog if they think they can extend it.

At the moment, I seem to cap out around 500 characters, and that’s not counting spaces which also represent a character (and/or lack thereof).

Of particular note is there does not appear to be a limitation within the Toolset Journal Editor, just in its translation to the game. This is not surprising, however, and is consistent with other things I have seen that seem to have no limits in the toolset but in game actually do.