Just a Few TXI and MTR Questions

In my quest to bring a load of public domain models to NwN, I have come across a model that has a few visibility problems (including seeing the ground but only in places not the whole model) due to the way the person who originally made it actually built it up. I think it may be fixable but I need a little help as I don’t really understand TXI files. So -

  1. Can a texture have both a TXI and a MTR. If no, don’t bother reading any further. If yes…
  2. Can a TXI prevent punch-through where there are multiple layers of transparency? If yes…
  3. Can you post an example. The eradication of punch-through should fix the problem.
  4. Supplementary question. Would I need to give it the name of the MTR file, the name of the diffuse map or what?



According to this: TXI - Neverwinter Nights 1: EE - nwn.wiki

In Neverwinter Nights EE, MTR files take precedence over TXI files

I’m not sure how general the statement is, or if there is fall-through coverage for non conflicting settings, etc.


Thanks for that. To illustrate the problem I am trying to fix, this is what the placeable is supposed to look like -


and this is how it looks in game -

I am pretty sure it is down to NwN implementing punch-through, for multiple levels of transparency, by default. As far as I can tell, the person who originally made this public domain model just took 27 smaller money packs and arranged them on a wooden pallet. They then covered the whole thing with a transparent plastic texture. Trouble is the smaller packs each already had a covering of the same texture. Looks great in Blender, not so much in game.

The wiki page is slightly less than informative in that it doesn’t say if punch-through can actually be turned off, only mentioning it in relation to blending modes.

Thanks again.


That’s a really cool model to work with, and way beyond my capabilities. I’m not sure if renderhints in the model might help - I vaguely recall Dafena talking about using them to sort hair in some of his heads. Maybe someone with better modeling chops can offer some advice.


Renderhints will help you not a bit if the render order is wrong. If the packages have transparent wraps, you’d have to make sure all the packages have the renderhint set to 0 and are rendered first, then all their wrappings with a renderhint of 1 and last the huge plastic wrap with a renderhint of 2.

Thanks. I am not sure that helps me. This particular model uses a single large texture (with maps too) file that is used by 4 other models as well (reduced size, transparency removed and converted to png so I can actually show it) -

At my feeble stage with models in blender, I am just converting (about 250 placeables when I’m done) from obj/fbx (both versions included in original download) to NwN’s mdl format. So far I have been very lucky and only one model actually crashes the game (looked inside the mdl and can’t see why) and this is the only one that doesn’t render in game/toolset as expected. The model of an individual pack from which this is composed render just as expected and looks great. Cest la vie, at this point I am thinking of chalking this one up to experience.

Thanks for the input anyway.