Just Discovered Windows 11 is Coming

I only found out this morning by reading the release notes for the update to notepad++ that I got this morning. First thing it said that they’d done something to ensure compatibility with Win 11. Thought it might have been a typo so I googled it. Here is the first article I came across. While I’ve no doubt that Beamdog will make sure EE will work fine I wonder if 1.69/Diamond or NwN 2 or the user-made tools we rely on, will. Probably but until it’s release we can’t be sure. So the question then becomes to upgrade from Win 10 or not.


Here’s Microsoft’s Windows 11 site.


i’ve read that another concern is whether community utility programs will be supported if they’re not on the Microsoft store.

Don’t know if this is the same idea but you can download apps which aren’t on the Mac App Store although you need to authorise the download by going into your Privacy settings on an individual app basis.

Well it’s not any security concerns that’ll delay me from getting it. It’s the need for a certain piece of hardware on the minimum system requirements - a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0. I definitely haven’t got one. Having seen a picture of one, my motherboard hasn’t got anywhere to put one and at around £60 for something barely larger than a matchbox… Nah I’ll stick with win 10 until 2024ish or a game I really want is win 11 only (assuming I live that long - beware of flying Hippos!).

For anyone interested here is a sample TPM on Amazon UK.


Why would you want to upgrade to win 11 when win 10 were horrible enough :smiley: (and I say that as windows user).


All our windows go to 11!


It wasn’t security concerns I was referring to. I thought @Proleric was implying he wouldn’t be able to use utilities on W11 as they wouldn’t be supported if they weren’t available on the Microsoft Store. I was just pointing out that Apple will allow you to download apps not on their Store but they make you agree to it first.

Yes, that was my concern.

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We now have a date and it’s sooner than you may have thought. Windows 11 will begin shipping from October 5th according to this GameSpot article.


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Having read a great deal about it, everything that works on Windows 10 will work on 11, as its basically the same OS with some new features and a complete design overhaul.

Unlike previous versions of windows, 11 will run on 10’s cores coding.