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Somewhere between the closure of the original nwn.bioware.com site and the opening of the last of the Bioboards (forum.bioware.com) the scripting FAQs disappeared. I can’t say when this happened because the site between those 2 has been repurposed by EA as a place to buy points for buying Mass Effect DLC. As the current Vault doesn’t have a scripting FAQ either, I have used the wayback machine and looked at the original nwn.bioware.com site where I have gathered the information contained in this package. This package contains the following -

The FAQs
Neverwinter Nights SCRIPTING FAQ & TUTORIALS.pdf (188 Pages, 36 articles) - Mainly by David Gaider
Neverwinter Nights Newbie FAQ #2.pdf (103 Pages, 102 Questions Answered) - Mainly by Jassper

Articles linked to in the original Newbie FAQ web pages.
Console Commands.pdf (16 Pages) - By Bioware
How the LevelUpHenchman Command Works.pdf (6 Pages) - by Georg Zoeller & Derek French
Using NWN Conversations.pdf (16 Pages) - by Axe Murderer
Waypoints Explained.pdf (5 Pages) - by baron of gateford

NwN Scripting FAQs & Tutorials Readme.txt

All of the pdf documents have been created with bookmarks, making finding things a lot faster than in the web page format of the originals.The whole of the text of these documents is selectable and copy & paste available, all scripts are therefore available to be extracted and used.

Note - Some parts of this package might be available elsewhere, but as far as I am aware not in pdf format. By using pdf as the format all of these documents are usable on linux, mac and windows.

Available Here.

TR 10/2017