Kaedrin's PrC feats not working

Hey all! I’m getting back into NWN2 after a loooong time and I’m starting with some basic mods, but I’m having trouble with Kaedrin’s PrC. The new classes seem to show up just fine but none of the feats are being included – they don’t ever come up as options when you level and I can’t even add them via the debugger. This is the only mod I’ve installed so far; any idea what might be wrong? Thanks!

Did you put the Dialog.tlk file in the “My Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2” folder? (not the override folder)

That’s usually the step people miss in the installation.

If it was just the tlk missing, then he’d see a bunch of “Bad Strref” on the new feats names and descriptions, but the feats should show up.
There might be a conflict with another feat.2da file, either in the override folder or inside a hak attached to a module/campaign he’s currently playing.


Yeah, the Dialog.tlk tripped me up at first but like he says, then nothing was working so it was super noticeable and a quick fix. I have no idea why just the feats aren’t working, I don’t have anything else added – I’ve only installed the base game and this mod.

Is there any merit at all to trying to edit the .2da files in the actual game data? I was toying with the idea but feel like that’s more liable to just cause problems and it seemed like I’d have to make several changes/additions

The only thing I can suggest you right now is to double check both override folders (in My Documents and Installation) to see if there’s a duplicate of the “feat.2da” file somewhere.
That’s the only thing I can think of right now based on what you’re telling us here.

Yeah it’s a weird one – definitely no duplicate in either Override folder. What a bummer, thanks for your help though!

Well, I tried a clean reinstall and it fixed the problem – I must have done something weird when I was setting it up the first time, guess I’ll never know. Anyways if anyone else has this problem try that first, might save you some headache – cheers!


Sometimes it’s just a bad download. It happens.
Have fun!


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