Kaji will not appear

Played through MotB dozens of times and never encountered this problem, but now if Safiya summons Kaji, it says “Safiya summons familiar” but Kaji does not appear. I don’t have any extra slots used (currently 4 - me, Safiya, Gann, and Kaelyn). I have restarted, rebooted, loaded a different save, tried everything, but I cannot get Kaji. And since this game does the typical manipulative rule-ignoring BS to try to force a certain action, there are many things that cannot be done without him. A simple chest or coffin can’t be smashed by a god with a 49 strength, but Kaji can open it. Completely immune to a knock spell cast by an epic-level character (how?) but Kaji can open it. So the game forces me to use Kaji and then refuses to allow him to be summoned? Wonderful. Anyone ever have this happen that found a fix?

hi Mitm,

a) do you have anything in /Override ?

b) do you know how to work the toolset – eg. compile a script?

Hi kevL_s,

The only thing I have in my override folder is one dds file to replace Zhjaeve’s head. It was there when I started this MotB game and Kaji did appear at the beginning, he just quit somewhere along the way. I’ve never used the toolset for anything other than creating custom items.

But since you mention that, I wonder if I know what might have happened. At one point I used debug mode and ‘m’ to get past a buggy locked door and then saved and reloaded on the other side to get the party past. I wonder if somehow the reload placed the party at me but left Kaji back in the room permanently stuck? I might have to go back there and check.

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That’s sorta what i was thinkin. kaji might have got ‘left behind’ somewhere …

Can you dismiss familiar, then try to resummon,

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Open the map in-game and look for Kaji’s position marker in the upper left corner. This is a common problem when the character that initiates a party movement through a transition is not the character that owns the familiar, animal companion, or summons.

Kaji doesn’t have a position marker on the map because he won’t appear. And I can’t dismiss him because he doesn’t exist to dismiss. I will go back to where I suspect he might have gotten stuck (the Sloop) as soon as I can but right now I’m in the Skein and will be for some time, so it will be a few days before I can test the theory. Thanks for the ideas!

here’s a debug script that can be run from console

It isn’t intended to fix anything. It might not even lead to anything …

// 'kaji_d'
    Console debug script for Kaji. (suffix '_d' stands for debug)

    playthrough in an uncertain state; reload after running this script.

    Usage (console)
    debugmode 1
    rs kaji_d
    debugmode 0

Thanks. I’m gonna try that to see what happens. However, after doing some reflecting…I noticed that even though the game says she summons a familiar, the spell isn’t actually cast, because it’s still available and I can do it over and over again indefinitely. I also realized that while I often modify Safiya (and others) because they come with some pretty crippling feat choices, this is the first time I took her back down to level 1 and re-leveled her. That eliminated her Red Wizard levels because I can only level her as a wizard. While the ability to summon a homonculus vs. a normal familiar is unique to Safiya and nothing to do with the normal Red Wizard abilities, I’m guessing that there is some feat that she had that allowed her to do that and I accidentally wiped it. One would think that such a feat would have been given at creation (i.e. 1st level) and not removed with delevelling to 1st level, but who knows? I’ve been through all the known feat code lists but haven’t found such a feat.I didn’t even think of this at first because I’m pretty sure she’s summoned Kaji successfully since doing that, but I could be wrong. At any rate, it will be fun to see what the script turns up.

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ok  :)

I don’t think (offhand) that Safiya summons her familiar any different than any wizard. If that’s true, then all it hinges on is a variable in her .Ros file: “FamiliarType” (… and “FamiliarName”)

in an old save i have here, she has type #8, which refers to Hen_Familiar.2da -

8 Homunculus c_fam_homunculus 185599 185600 -1 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 0 -1

( if by chance something’s overriding that 2da with a different one, that could cause a screw up. Or if deleveling caused her FamiliarType to be erased, that’d be a prob. also )

Wow! Thanks so much for your dedication! I’m learning lots of stuff I shouldn’t need to know. lol. I’ve never delved into the resource files but probably should have by now. I don’t think they’re the problem though, because as I said, the spell itself is failing to cast at some point between where the game says it succeeded and the actual summoning happens. I think if it were a resource file the spell would actually complete and not allow me to cast it again without resting even if it failed to load something after that. So the variables in the .Ros file are probably the best place to start. I wish I had time to dive into that now, but alas, I’m off to work. Thanks again!

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“<> summons familiar” seems to be the AltMessage in Spells.2da …

which makes me think the spellability is partly firing, at least,