Key for Toolset Scripting Extra Credit

Hi - I’m looking for the correct script that answers the Extra Credit section at the end of the Module Construction Tutorial.

The third script should be run on an action taken from a conversation node that is only
accessible the first time the PC talks with the miner. This script should award the PC 50
XP and then have the miner to move towards the exit and into town. The easiest way to
move a creature is to have it move to another location or object. Now, use the **
BioWare Aurora Neverwinter Nights Toolset Module Construction Tutorial
** 35

GetObjectByTag, AssignCommand and ActionMoveToObject functions to have the
miner run to Falstadd.
Don’t forget to use OBJECT_SELF as required and to assign the conversation to the
miner blueprint!

I am having trouble making this work…anybody that can help me or point me in right direction?

If you post your script, I’m sure we can help.

Looking at making NPC leave an area and go towards an object (another NPC) in a different area using GetObjectByTag, AssignCommand, and ActionMoveToObject functions.