KeyRequiredFeedbackMessage: how to activate?

I have never thought about/used this before. However, I wrote a message in the KeyRequiredFeedbackMessage on a door that has Key Required TRUE and Lockable TRUE and Locked TRUE. However, when clicking on the door ingame it just says “locked” instead of the message I put in the KeyRequiredFeedbackMessage. Does this feedback message have to be activated by a script on the OnFailedToOpen perhaps? If so, what function do I use for this? I mean, I could always get around this thing by using SpeakString or FloatingTextStringOnCreature but then, what is the use of KeyRequiredFeedbackMessage?

In one of the old Toolset Guides it just says: “KeyRequiredFeedbackMessage – The message to
echo back to the PC when they try to open the door without the required key” but the message doesn’t show ingame…

offhand guess: Try a strref like 0

I’m not following what you are saying here. Something about a string? Where do I put that?

What kevL_s says is: instead of typing “A specific key is required to open that object.”, put 7944 in the KeyRequiredFeedbackMessage box. Assuming this is actually a strref that is expected, if you put 7559 you should get a “Key required to unlock or lock” message.


I tried with both 7944 and 7559 and I only get the message “The object is locked”.

This is a prefab area I’m using and there was a message on the KeyRequiredFeedbackMessage that I thought was pretty neat: “Locked! Buy a key at the Innkeeper downstairs.” but whenever I try the door without having the key it only says Locked and “The object is locked”. I’m probably doing something wrong that’s pretty basic that I just haven’t thought about.

It feels like I should have some sort of script or something on the OnFailedToOpen but I don’t know.


I believe this does not work, iirc.

I ended up using my own stored string and did as you say, OnFailToOpen reference to any string attached.

On the other hand, if you do get it to work using this means, let me know.


@Lance_Botelle - Ah, ok. Yeah, it seems that this should have worked without doing anything special. It would have been cool if it did work since it would have been so much easier than writing a small script for this but…ok, then I know.

That key required message only pops up when you try to pick the lock.


Oh, so that’s how it works. Thanks for letting us know, @travus!

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Just a quick question here. I decided to then instead put a simple script on the OnFailedToOpen slot looking like this:

void main()

object oPC = GetClickingObject();

AssignCommand(oPC,SpeakString("Locked! <i>Buy a key at the Innkeeper downstairs.</i>"));


But if it isn’t the PC but a companion who is trying to open the lock, what function do I use then: something like “GetUnlocker”? Can’t seem to find the function I’m looking for in the Script Assist. Or do you use GetClickingObject here?

EDIT: Tried GetClickingObject and that seemed to work. Edited the script above.

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The description was certainly misleading. Like you, I wanted something that gave feedback on a simple failed to open, and not just when trying to pick.

@travus ,

Again, thanks! :+1: