Kids" Modules ( updated) 2022

Do you have a child or grandchild that you would like to introduce to NWN? Are you thinking about making a module aimed at younger players?

Well, we have a list for that . . .

The original compilation on the Vault of titles for modules aimed at younger kids was compiled by @OlivierLeroux. As I have an interest through working with a games design class on the toolset and also a granddaughter aged 9 I had an interest in this much underserved category (genre?) So we had a chat and Olivier kindly encouraged me to go off and make a new page to bring what is available for younger kids up to date. I’ve done this and put an article the homepage to promote it as well as starting a thread here which is probably more suitable for any discussion or suggestions, especially once the article falls off the main page.

I decided that I wanted to review all the modules on the old list plus have a place where new reviews could be added. So, I’ve played through all the existing modules on the page and reviewed them with a view to helping adults select what they think might be interesting and/or appropriate for their children. The bar for positive comments on these modules has been set quite low as I’m not in the business of discouraging anyone from making such modules and I’ve included screenshots as well.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome. As stated in the intro on the new page, I’m also happy to receive any reviews of suitable modules anyone would like to contribute. Send me a PM with the text and I’ll turn it into a review with some screenshots.

Link to the Kids’ Modules page.


Just a quick update to say that @Dustin_Offal has kindly reviewed my “Ruby and the Last Unicorn” module so the kids’ section in the wiki, is at the moment, complete with all the kids’ modules I know about. Again, if you have come across one that you think is aimed at kids then let me know and I’ll try to review it - or better still review it yourself and PM me with the text of your review and I’ll add screenshots and put it up on the kids’ page. :grinning:

Updating this to say I’ve added a review of Snickersnack by Nereng which I know a few of the regulars here think is quite good - the module that is, not the review :thinking: :grinning:

I’ve also put up posts about the kids modules section on Steam and Beamdog to hopefully attract some traffic in this direction !